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There is a saying that goes this way- ‘gentlemen do not discuss about money’ and you would think this would hold true in case of cricket which is known as the gentleman’s game. However, since the game turned professional in the 1930s, cricket has become an occupation for cricketers just like any other 9-5 job but on the contrary cricketers get paid for what they do best and truth be told, not many do it as well as they do. So, it is only a natural curiosity on the part of the spectator and admirers to wonder what the net worth of the cricketers might be. In the following words you will be introduced to 10 of the richest cricketers in the world.

10. Andrew Flintoff- $15 million

Big Freddie Flintoff was an icon of English cricket and although his career was severely curtailed by injuries; his performances when he was fit makes him one of the biggest brands in the game. Andrew Flintoff has well and truly cashed in on his popularity and messiah like status big time with mega endorsement deals with institutions like Barclays Bank and Puma. In addition to that he earned $1.55 million during his one stint in the IPL and was in fact the first cricketer to moot the idea of a ‘freelance cricketer’. You might also have noticed that he has now become a popular TV personality with an adventure show. Possibly a new earning channel has opened up for this multi talented individual.


9. Phil Edmonds- $21.5 million

The former England left arm spinner was the first English cricketer who pulled in a leading watchmaker (Swatch, no less) to be his sponsor in exchange of wearing the watch during matches is at number 9. That little distinction would give you a fair idea about why the Cambridge graduate Phil Edmonds has been able to amass a fortune of $21.5 million after he called it a day after 51 Tests. After his retirement, Edmonds ventured into businesses in Africa which has made up a bulk of his current fortune. He was recently in the news for a conscientious investment in the African country of Sudan.


8. Rahul Dravid- Net Worth $22.6 million

In at number 8 is one of the greatest batsmen ever to play the game- Rahul Dravid. You might be a bit surprised to see Rahul Dravid at number 8 considering that his contemporaries are ranked in the top end of the list but you need to realise that Dravid never did as many commercials as the others. In the course of a career that spanned 16 years Dravid earned substantial amounts of money through match fees and other peripheral earnings, IPL contracts as well as a number of very lucrative endorsement deals. In fact, he still plays in the IPL and in fact captains the side Rajasthan Royals which surely does his brand equity a world of good.


7. Matthew Fleming- Net Worth 30.68

Matthew Fleming, who? Surely, that is the question you are asking to yourself isn’t it? That is understandable because Fleming only played 11 ODIs for England and before that he used to play for Kent. So, although he was a cricketer by profession, he has now ventured into business. Matthew Fleming’s family (he is Ian Fleming’s nephew) were the owners of the bank called Robert Fleming and when he sold his stock he invested the proceeds in his own business activities- the chief among them being real estate. Nowadays he lives in London and also made it to the UK Rich list of the Sunday Times back in 2012.


6. Yuvraj Singh- Net Worth $35.5 million

His name means ‘the Prince’ in Hindi and he is surely as rich as one, as far as his career income is concerned.  Yuvraj Singh has been playing top level cricket since he was 18 years old and during the career stellar that followed his debut, he has gone from strength to strength both as a cricketer and as a multimillion dollar brand. Yuvraj has been in the higher bracket of players in the central contracts for many years now and he has also been snapped up by IPL franchises for mind boggling figures. In addition, you might also have seen Yuvraj endorsing products by such names as Microsoft (Xbox 360), Pepsi and numerous other multinational corporations.


5. Shane Warne- Net Worth $50 million

Perhaps the best bowler ever to play the game is also one of the richest cricketers in the world by dint of his heroics in the field as well as endorsements and contracts from T20 leagues like the IPL and the Big Bash. Throughout Shane Warne’s glittering career he has endorsed some of the most sought after brands like Victoria Bitter, Pepsi and ANZ Bank to name a few. However, retirement in 2005 has not stopped him from making copious amounts of money. He is currently a professional Poker player and has even played in the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. In addition to that, he has houses in London, Melbourne and an estate in Hertfordshire, England which pegs his net worth at $50 million.


4. Sourav Ganguly- Net Worth $55.5 million

Up next is the man who spurned his own multimillion dollar family business to make a career in cricket but you would say he has made his family proud not only by his exploits on the field but also with the amount of money that he has earned over the course of his glittering career. In addition to mammoth endorsement deals with companies like Britannia, Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Airtel, he also played 4 seasons in the IPL which made his net worth soar. One of the biggest reasons why he was one of the favourites with advertisers was because he held the highest office in Indian cricket for 5 years- the captaincy.


3. Ricky Ponting- Net Worth $65 million

The former Australian captain and current skipper of the Mumbai Indians, (with a contract worth $400000 a year) grabs the 3rd rank with a net worth of $65 million. Ricky Ponting better known as ‘Punter’ was the face of the Australian team for close to a decade and was also the face of brands like Adidas and Kentucky Fried Chicken. In addition to central contracts, recent IPL contract and endorsements, the Punter has also been a big player in property investments which have only swelled in value over the years and boosted  his net worth.


2. Sachin Tendulkar- Net Worth $115 million

At number 2 is the man who had been the richest cricketer in the world for a long time till Dhoni came along. You might not be surprised at all by Sachin Tendulkar’s net worth considering the fact that he has stayed at the top of the game for a better part of his 23 year career and along the way became the most recognisable brand in the world. Tendulkar first made it big with a $5 million a year deal with World Tel over a period of 5 years back in the 1990s and in addition to that the slew of endorsements that he has done over the years has also raked in the moolah at an astronomical rate. However, over the past few years and with approaching retirement the number of endorsements have dwindled, which you would agree is only natural.


1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni- Net Worth $150 million

The Indian captain is currently the hottest property in the world of cricket owing to his top tier central contract, an IPL contract worth close to $6 million a year (for6 weeks mind you) and endorsements worth $20 million a year, Being the Indian captain and a cricketer of the top category has made Dhoni one of the biggest brands in India and his earnings have skyrocketed ever since India won the World T20 in 2007 under his captaincy. You might find it interesting that before Dhoni played for India he used to work as a clerk in the Indian Railways, whom he represented in cricket as well. It may not be exactly rags to riches but it most certainly is a story of unbounded talent and brand value that has made M S Dhoni the richest cricketer in the world. His list of endorsements include Pepsi, Reebok and other high profile corporations



Hopefully you have found the article interesting as well as insightful with respect to the wealth of 10 of the richest cricketers in the world. Do not forget to share your thoughts and insights in the comments section below.


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