Top 10 Signs That Show a Girl Is Secretly In Love With You

Top 10 Signs That Show a Girl Is Secretly In Love With You

Love is never a simple feeling. It is very difficult to identify the feelings of love and understand it. Sometimes, in reality it is difficult to know hints about emotions which are indications of love. No one expressed their love in the same way. The rainbow of love is always expressed in various shades. Expressing love in the case of women is little different and emotional than those of men. Either they will make really complex or they will make it too easy, in both ways men get confused about women who really love them from the core of their bottom of heart. But actually she is queen of your heart.

Being a weird feeling, yet love is beautiful. As she falls in love, she starts talking differently and this will change her personality. All these changes clearly show that a girl is deeply in love with you. At one time, she is quite and at the next moment she is loud. Her action will never tell her feelings as sometimes she will be straight forward and at the same time she is complex to understand. All these things is an indicator that she loves you with her dedication. To take care of such strong feelings she often behave in an unexpected manner. Here we are present 10 signs that show a girl is secretly in love with you and you can easily notice these changes.

10. Checking your social posts

She is the one who comment on your posts or pictures on social sites like Instagram, Facebook. She will tell you in every way that she is the first who think for you.

9. Blushing

She does not have any problem in waiting for hours and hours just to have your glimpse. Blush on her face when she looks at you clearly shows her love for you.


8. Showing interest

Irrespective of her own interest, she will show interest only in your activities. It does not matter for her what she likes. You are the world and you are the priority. She is happy and shows her excitement about the activities that catches your attention.
Showing interests

7. Spending quality time with you

She is always ready to spend some quality time with you and will never miss a single second to live those moments. Her eyes will always search for you even in the crowd of hundreds, she wants only you.
Spending quality time with you

6. Paying deeper attention

She will always pay attention to each and every word you say and enjoy hearing you all the day without any breaks. She will always be the first who will react immediately whenever you ask for any response.
Paying deeper attention

5. Asking you about your life

It is a general fact that if you are in love with someone, then you will obviously want to know his lifestyle and want to be little more personal with him. She will always like to know your likes and dislikes. She will have keen interest in knowing the things which you enjoy in your life.
Asking you about your life

4. Start acting childish

Love brings out the natural me character both in men and women. Everyone surprises when love result in blooming out of some strange personalities. She will always act childish in front of you and loves to do childish things to show her cuteness. Her innocent and pure feeling gives you a glimpse of her deep love for you.
Start acting childish

3. Sitting close to you

People sitting in a room, the distance in between them can tell you more about their relationship than their verbal communication. Likewise, if she likes you, then obviously she will never ever miss a single chance of sitting close to you.

Sitting closely to you

2. Giving gifts without any occasion

Giving gifts is a good gesture for showing love and girls like to gift a lot to the one she loves without any occasion. So if she really loves you she will put all her efforts in buying the best one for you.
Giving gifts without any occasion

1. Overly shy behavior

Fluttering butterflies in the stomach is the most common feeling when we see our love around us. As the women are little sensitive, they handle nearness of the person they love little differently. Their shyness covers their appearances like no direct eye contact accompanied by rigid body posture. Body shyness is a clear cut indication that she is mad in love for you.
Overly shy behavior

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