Top 10 Signs That You Are In Love

Top 10 Signs That You Are In Love

Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Your heart flutters and beats and you know for sure that cupid has struck you. Oh the ecstasy of being in love! How the bitter sweet pain delights you and gives you joy! How you wish to lose yourself in your loved one’s eyes. Your friends doubt if it is love. They poke you, tease you, bewilder you….but don’t you worry. Here are the top signs to watch for and vouch for to prove to yourself and to others that you are drenching, soaking, drowning in love…

10. You are the only one to laugh at his/her PJs

Picture this – You are having a party. Or perhaps, you are hanging around with your friends. There is fun and merriment all around. You play games, crack jokes and tease each other. It seems like it could not have been better. Then, he speaks. Oh the beauty of that husky voice. He starts on a light note. He has a joke to share. You are all ears. So is everyone else. The joke continues. Before it ends, your heart starts sinking. You say to yourself, Oh Please let it be a good one….Please…please please….The joke falls flat. Nobody laughs. Guess who comes to the rescue? Yay…you guessed it right! It is you….the person madly, fondly, passionately in love. His insult is your insult. You can’t let that happen. So it is giggles, giggles and more giggles. Let the world be dumb to his jokes. You know he rocks, and that is all that matters.

You are the only one to laugh at his/her PJs

9. He/She is the most beautiful person for you

They say love is blind. Do you know why? Well, no matter how awfully dressed that special someone may be, you will not be able to find a single flaw in him/her. Did your best friend just say something about him that miffed you? Did you at once start defending the tastes of the person you love even while your friends complained that the whole fashion brigade is offended? See….we knew you are in love! And we also know that you would not care if that person has a bad case of pimples or is trying to hide a cold sore. You will comfort him/her by saying, Hey It’s ok. It happens to me too. Hormones, you see. Haven’t you heard the saying, ‘You come to love not by finding the perfect person, but by seeing an imperfect person perfectly.’ See you are smiling already!

He/She is the most beautiful person for you

8. You check your phone and his FB account ten times

Oops, did we just downplay it? Sorry! It is not the number but the thought that counts isn’t it? Alright, alright, you check your phone not ten but hundred times, to see if he has called/messaged. You have so much to tell. You are ready to battle it out with your best friend who calls you obsessed. Doesn’t she know you care so much that you are worried the sky has crashed above him or the earth has cracked underneath his feet?!!! How would she know it? She is not in love. And it has been over an hour since you heard his voice. It seems like eternity, doesn’t it? And did you not just check his Facebook account? Is there a new friend added to his list? Oh how you fume that he has time to add someone but not call you. Don’t you know what is happening to you? We know it….it is called L-O-V-E!

You check your phone and his FB account ten times

7. You forget yourself

Did somebody just comment on how distracted you look? Did your best friend just tell you that you have lost weight but you are still glowing? Did she beg you to reveal the secret? And are you wondering what might be the reason? You are losing weight as you forgot to eat last night since you kept chatting with a special someone and did not know how time went by. And you have been doing this for days. You glow since you are feeding on love. You also forgot to go shopping with your friends as you spent a sleepless night absorbed in the thoughts of your love. It does not happen to everyone, we warn you….it happens only when you are struck.

You forget yourself

6. You sip from his cup when nobody sees

Yes, yes, you will ask, how did you know I did that! Well, it is love and we have all been bitten by the love bug. Déjà vu, you see. We have all been there and done that. You play the host and when nobody is watching, you take his cup and sip from it. Why did you do that? Oh the excitement of it! Oh the titillation of sharing the same cup! You can’t even tell your best friend as she will call you nutty. But you know how it felt. As if he touched you, as if you became one! And here is one more secret we know. You keep the wrappers of the gifts he gave in a secret place because he touched them! HAHA….Plead guilty, my love. There is no escape. Your face is scarlet with love!
You sip from his cup when nobody sees

5. Every love song is for you

Remember Shahrukh Khan in Main Hoon Na going gaga over the ethereal Sushmita Sen? There is music in his mind, love song on his lips. Well, something like that will happen to you too. No actual background music friends, but only you singing and humming non-stop 24/7. No matter how out of tune you are, you will just not know how to stop. Let others be bugged…you are in love. There is guitar playing all around you. Every love song seems to have been written only for you. If there is spring, you shower her with flowers and your love song. If there is rain, you drench yourself in love and melody. Who can deny how utterly fallen you are in love!
Every love song is for you

4. When you fight, you almost die

Everything is going fine. Nobody predicted stormy weather or a blizzard ahead. But it banged you head-on. There has been a misunderstanding between the two of you. He did not understand what you meant. She felt you just don’t care. What do you do now? You feel terrible, the world falls apart. All you want to do is clarify. You can’t wait for the next day. Who knows if you will survive till then, It has to be today. You cannot lose your loved one. No, not at any cost. Not because of a silly fight. The whole world turns conspirator, hell-bent on separating you two. But you cannot and will not let this happen. Why? Did you ever think why it is bothering you so much? Well, do we need to spell it out again – you have been love-bitten and love-smitten from head to toe!

When you fight, you almost die

3. You smile when you are alone and feel lonely in the crowd

There you are – in your room, blanketed by warm thoughts and a loving face, day-dreaming about you know who. You smile on some imagined joke and you blush on some unspoken complement. You clasp an invisible hand and get soaked in love. You can literally feel the fragrance she wore the last time you met her. It is all going fine when the door is flung open and your best friend comes in. Did you just sulk? No? Yes, you did. We saw it. You are invited to hang around with them. You try to ward them off with some lame excuse which doesn’t work. So you get up and go with them. How wretched you feel! If only s/he was there, it would be so lively. Every single person out there seems to be enjoying but you see only grey sky. How you wish for you sun to shine and smile upon you. ♫♫♫ “Love, look what you’ve done to me” ♫♫♫, we hear you humming.

You smile when you are alone and feel lonely in the crowd

2. Absence intensifies love

Are you still in doubt if it’s love or not? Really?! Then pass this test. Go away from this love interest of yours. Yes, we are not kidding. No calls, no talks, no emails…nothing. We ask you to completely stay out of touch. What happened? The thought itself made your heart skip a beat, right! Imagine yourself actually doing it. A few days separation and you become fidgety and cranky. Soap operas and movies leave you in a mess, making you drown in your own pool of tears. Shakespeare didn’t say in vain that absence makes the heart grow fonder. One moment he is in your dreams, the other moment he is there at your doorstep with you approaching slowly to hold his hand when poof! he disappears! Yes silly, THIS IS LOVE. Confess, confess you are in love.
Absence intensifies love

1. You sacrifice yourself

Have you heard that saying – The sun loved the moon so much he died every night to let her breathe? So is this happening to you too? He has got a job offer from a prestigious company but he has to relocate. You know it was his dream. He shares his happiness with you. You start falling apart but you manage to smile and congratulate. Or maybe she has got admission to Ivy League and is over the moon. She shares the news with you and the world comes crashing. But you hug her and egg her on. You wonder what is happening to you. You want to hold your loved one’s hand and say, ‘Please, don’t go’. But you can’t do this. It will ruin his life, it will shatter her dreams. You are ready to sacrifice yourself. You are ready to cry every day, pine every night but you want him to achieve what he wants. Do you know why? Because you have fallen in love! Now, gather yourself and go confess before it is too late. Life is not about waiting but about living. So go live, love and be loved!



So here is the checklist. How much did you score? We are sure you passed with flying colors. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to declare your love. Just hold her/hands this valentine day and say it….♫♫♫ ‘Look into my eyes/ You will see/ What you mean to me….’ ♫♫♫


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