Top 10 Smartphone Apps for Teens



The most dramatic rise of smartphone ownership can be seen amongst teens. This is hardly surprising when you consider the fact that smartphones offer thousands of exciting and helpful apps like, fitness apps, driving apps, jokes, games, virtual smoking apps, social networking apps, and even STD prevention apps. So, here is a list of top 10 smartphone apps for teens.

10. Google Maps

No matter how long you have been living in a city you are bound to need navigation help sometime and this is where Google Maps app comes handy for teens. This is ranked tenth, because it might not be teen centric. However, it is definitely a very useful app. The best part is that it is free and quite amazing. This app not only gives directions in order to help you reach your destination, but also helps you figure out how much time it is going to take and decide on the best possible route. If you want to find out how to reach your destination via public transportation, it can help you in this department also. With so many features, no wonder it is quite popular amongst teens and adults also.


9. BBM

BBM stands for BlackBerry Messenger and is a wonderful app for teens to connect with friends and family all over the world. This app allows you to send instant messages to your friends anywhere in the world without costing you a single rupee- this is so because it uses Wi-Fi connectivity to send the messages. You will also find out when your message is being read. The magic of this app does not end here- the app allows users to switch from texting to voice with a click of a button. Since BBM is connected to other apps like Facebook and Twitter, you can update your Facebook status without leaving the BBM app. It is a great app with many features that teens simply love.


8. Dropbox

Accessing your files, videos, or photos was a pain in the neck if you had multiple gadgets. If you were on the move and you wanted to access a file on your computer, there was nothing that you could do but wait till you get home. However, with the wonderful Dropbox app you can access any file, video, or document with a simple click of a button. With Dropbox you can save all your information in one place and then access it using any device- smartphone, tablets, or laptops. The usability of this app extends much further- you can create your own library or share and access public libraries with your friends by sending an invitation or posting a direct link on social networking sites. In this information sharing age, this is a great app for teens.


7. Instagram

Instagram is a very cool app that allows you to edit and add effects to your photos before posting them. It is very easy to use and delivers what it promises. The first step involves taking a picture or selecting a picture. Instagram offers numerous filters that you can choose to make the required changes to your picture. Instagram allows you to do so many things to your picture that you will be shocked- you want to give the picture more depth- you can do so with Instagram. You want the angle of view tweaked a little bit- you can do so with Instagram. Once you have edited the photo you can post it on Instagram timeline and other social networking sites and share it with your friends.


6. Zynga

Teens love playing games and Zynga app offers many interesting and popular interactive games that you can play with your friends. This app allows you to play scramble with your friends. Some of the popular social games offered by Zynga include Mafia Wars, Café World, FishVille, and FarmVille. These games are challenging, fun, and thrilling and teens all over the world simply cannot get enough of them. Zynga social interactive games are popular with teens, because it offers them a chance to hang out with their friends after school. On a hot summer day who wants to go out in the heat and play cricket or football when you can simply Zynga with your friends without stepping outside your room.


5. Pinterest

Pinterest is a really useful and fun app for teens. Though it is usually preferred by girls, its overall popularity is soaring fast. It is a great app that allows you to collect interesting things, share, organize, and explore. For example, you are exploring the web and you come across a site that gives handy DIY tips on something that matters to you, all you need to do is pin it and you can come back to it anytime you want. People pin all sorts of things- pictures, fashion tips, DIY tips, videos, recipes, clothes, and so many other things. Since everything is saved on a single board, it is easy to update, organize, and share. With everything at your fingertips with Pinterest, life becomes so easy to handle.


4. Youtube

Youtube is one of the most popular medium of sharing videos on computers. Since this app is available on smartphones today, it goes without saying that it is quite popular with teens. Teens love sharing videos with their friends and many love sharing them with the whole world. So now you can shoot a video with your smartphone and share it instantly via Youtube. According to statistics, every month there are more than 800 million users who use Youtube and more than 4 billion hours of videos are viewed every month. With such a big reach and platform, no wonder it is a popular video sharing apps for teens.


3. Twitter

Twitter is the trendiest way to stay in touch no matter where you are. Twitter is just perfect for people who are too busy for Facebook but definitely want to stay connected with friends and want to stay updated on current events. You can share anything your feeling, thoughts, reactions, or simply make a statement- just make sure that you stay within 140 characters limit. In fact, Twitter is becoming so popular that in some countries it is the number one social networking app for both teens and adults. Almost every teen celebrity has a twitter account to stay connected with their fans. Twitter app is available on all smartphones and it is incredibly easy to use.


2. Facebook

Facebook is the second most popular app for teens. Nearly 51% of the respondents in Nielsen survey used Facebook for social networking, though the engagement time spent on this app is lower than time spend on WhatsApp. Facebook is hugely popular with teens, because nearly everyone has an account on Facebook. Therefore, it makes sense to have the Facebook app on your phone. It is a cool way to stay in touch- share videos, get important notifications, status updates, meet new friends, and so much more. Now you can constantly stay in touch with your friends and family via this app- isn’t this wonderful.


1. WhatsApp

According to Nielsen India Consumer Rankings, WhatsApp Messenger (used by 47% of the respondents) is the most popular apps used by urban consumers, including teens. It is no wonder that it is the topmost on our list. This app is available on BlackBerry, Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, and Nokia phones. It is a very cost effective way of staying in touch with your friends. Since messages are sent via internet, it means that you can send as many messages as you want without being charged for a single SMS. This app is hugely popular with teens, because it also allows the users to share audio, video, photos, and location with friends.



There is no doubt that smartphone apps have changed the way people communicate, share information (videos, photos, files, and tips), organize information, and access information. In the coming years, we are going to see more apps for teens and a new phase in information revolution- it is definitely an exciting time to live in.


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