Top 10 Soccer Players in 2014 World Cup With Perfect abs



Every elite sportsman needs to be supremely fit in order to be at the top of his game for an extended period of time and top level footballers, who earn thousands of dollars a week, need to stay in shape so that they are able to turn in one good performance after another. One of the clearest indicators of the shape of a footballer, are their abs and at the top level there are plenty of footballers who have enviable abs. This article presents to you a profile of those footballers who possess the best set of abs in the game.

10. Gareth Bale

It is impossible to be the fastest ‘with the ball’ runner without being one of the fittest players in the planet and in case of Gareth Bale it is important to point out that his abs are something that any fitness conscious person would die for. Bale was not such a specimen a few years ago when he used to be a fringe player at Tottenham Hotspur but over the past few years he has worked on his body like the other elite footballers in the world and the results are there for all to see.


9. Hulk

Well, you should surely expect someone called ‘Hulk’ to be in this list and so at number 9 is the Brazilian striker with perfect abs, who plies his trade in the Russian league. Hulk is tall, muscular and can fight toe to toe with any defender in the game as far as physical strength is concerned. He is a fitness freak and whenever he takes off his shirt or is photographed topless, those photos invariably make it to the front page of most glossy magazines due to the perfect abs.


8. Sergio Ramos

Defenders are supposed to have a certain level of physical strength that should allow them to fight off strikers within the six yard box and in that regard Spain and Real Madrid central defender Sergio Ramos certainly ticks the box. However, Ramos is also famous for his washboard abs and rippling muscles that makes football fans of all genders to sit up and take notice. Whenever he takes off his shirt in celebration, it usually leads to a few gasps from the football fans belonging to the fairer sex.


7. Ezequiel Lavezzi

The Argentine striker may have played only a bit part role since moving to PSG from Napoli a couple of seasons back and it is expected that he would do the same at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, however as far as the perfection of his abs are concerned he is certainly a star of the show. The Argentine hitman surely has one of the most recognisable abs in football and although it is not seen much these days, you can expect it to see them in the World Cup if he ever decides to join in a celebration by pulling off his shirt.


6. Didier Drogba

The former Chelsea star, who will represent Ivory Coast in the World Cup, is well and truly at the end of a remarkable career as one of the best strikers to have ever played at the highest level, however you need to give him credit for keeping himself in peaks condition and those famous abs are still good enough to be any fitness instructor’s dream. Even at the age of 36, Drogba slogs at the gym like he used to when he was 20 and it is not really a surprise that he still possesses a set of perfect abs that can make anyone envious.


5. Edison Cavani

There are certain footballers who look like sculpted marble statues when they take their shirts off and Uruguayan striker Edison Cavani is certainly one of them who can flaunt a set of abs that can trigger jealousy and admiration among some of the fittest men on the planet. Coupled with his height and long hair, he is a real sight to behold for everyone when he is spotted without a shirt and it is not really a surprise that Cavani has a vibrant female following in his native Uruguay.


4. Diego Forlan

In at number 4 it is another Uruguayan and this time it is former Manchester United star and Uruguay veteran Diego Forlan, who continues to present a jaw dropping set of abs although he is on the wrong side of 30 (he is 35). He is no longer the marauding striker and playmaker that he used to be in his pomp but as far as the abs are concerned, he is right up there with the very best and during the World Cup in 2014 you might just be able to get a glimpse of his abs if he achieves something remarkable in his swansong as an Uruguay player.


3. Zlatan Ibrahimovic

You cannot keep Zlatan Ibrahimovic too far away from lists of this kind and even though the Swedish genius will not feature in the 2014 World Cup, it does not disqualify him from this list since he clearly possesses one of the best set of abs in the business. Although he is 33 years old and can be considered a senior statesman in world football, it cannot be denied that he is still at the top of his game and his fitness regime has helped him in shaping those perfect abs that he loves to flaunt. Zlatan is almost always seen shirtless after completing a game.


2. Mario Balotelli

When the Italian striker took off his shirt and posed like Hulk after scoring in the semi final against Germany in the European Champions in 2012, the entire world watched in awe as Balotelli’s perfect abs became visible in full glory. That is an image that will stay in the minds of people for many years to come and credit must go to Balotelli who is known to work out for long hours in the gym as well as at the ground. Watch out for those abs if he ever bares his upper body during the World Cup in 2014 in Brazil.


1. Cristiano Ronaldo

Is there any football related list in which this man is not number 1? Well, he might be in a very few but as far as an upper body is concerned then there is no  one who can beat Cristiano Ronaldo and the ludicrously perfect abs are the crowning glory of the upper body. As a case in point, when he took off his shirt after scoring in the UEFA Champions League final in 2014, his abs were the major talking point among football fans not only on social media but also on major publications.



Hopefully you have enjoyed this exhilarating read about the fittest men in football with those perfect abs and for the fitness freaks this article must have comes across as particularly enjoyable.



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