Top 10 Surprising Facts About 2014 Soccer World cup



The World Cup is without doubt the biggest event in the sporting calendar and every 4 years it grips the world in a collective frenzy that can hardly be achieved by any other sports. This year the World Cup will take place in Brazil and this article presents to you certain facts which are surely going to surprise you.

10. The World Cup Ball is the First of Its Kind.

Every year the ball that is used at the World Cup generates a lot of interest among the players as well as the fans since each ball is different from the one that is used at a previous tournament. This year Adidas has come up with a revolutionary ball known as Brazuca that will not only be an improvement on the ball used last time in South Africa but it will also be fitted with HD cameras that would provide a new experience altogether to the viewers. In total there are six cameras in the ball and you can expect a new experience altogether this year.


9. History Could be Created at the End of this World Cup.

The World Cup moves to South America for the first time since 1978, when the tournament took place in Argentine, however one thing that needs to be remembered about the World Cups that took place in that part of the world is that no country from any other country has ever won a tournament there. So, this year, if any of the South American countries fail to win the tournament then the 2014 World Cup will go down in history as the tournament that broke the South American stranglehold.


8. The Maracana Stadium is no Longer the Largest (as per capacity) in the World.

In its pomp the Maracana stadium was the largest stadium in the world with a capacity in excess of 200,000 and in fact that was the number people who watched the final in 1950 when Brazil lost to Uruguay in that ill fated final. However, the stadium underwent a facelift of sorts over the past few years in preparation for the World Cup and the capacity has now been reduced quite drastically. As of now, the total number of people who can watch a game at the Maracana stands at just over 79000, which is as good as any other big stadium.


7. FIFA Amended Brazilian Laws in Order to Pacify Sponsors.

Alcohol is a major part of the entire experience of watching football in most parts of the world however that is not legal in Brazil and that is the reason why US beer makers and major World Cup sponsor Budweiser did not like the rule one bit. However, FIFA swooped in as soon as they came to know about this law and negotiated with the Brazilian authorities so that the law could be lifted for the duration of this tournament so that Budweiser could serve beer at the stadiums in which the games would be played.


6. Goal Line Technology Will Be Used This Time.

When England midfielder Frank Lampard’s potential equaliser was ruled out by the linesman in 2010 it caused a lot of furore since the ball had clearly crossed the goal line and the calls for goal line technology became louder. At last FIFA relented and this year goal line technology will be in use in the tournament which would make sure that players do not have to go through the heartbreak of crucial disallowed goals. However, it must be said that there should not be any goof ups in order to make sure that it does not get a bad name.


5. Caxirola is the ‘Noise’ Creator of Choice This Time.

The World Cup in 2010 in South Africa is remembered for the buzzing sound made by the Vuvuzelas and as a matter of fact it was deemed to be a major irritant by players, officials and even fans that were at the stadium. This time in Brazil, there would be a new instrument that is being touted as a worthy replacement for the Vuvuzela and it is known as a Caxirola. However, thankfully the World Cup authorities have banned it from all stadiums and hence it is unlikely that it would be able to create a nuisance.


4. A Huge Amount of Prize Money is at Stake.

Although it cannot be denied that the honour of representing ones country in the biggest football tournament in the world, however the total prize money that is distributed by FIFA among the participants is huge by any standards. The FIFA World Cup is sponsored by some of the biggest corporations in the world and hence it is not really a surprise that the total prize money amounts to a whopping $454 million. The winner of the tournament will of course receive the highest amount of prize money but when you look at the total allocation you would realise that almost every team would be a few millions better off.


3. Robots Will Be a Part of the Security Teams.

Brazil has spent close to $15 billion dollar for the World Cup and hence it is not really a surprise that they have pushed the boat out as it were to take care of all the arrangements. However, something that would genuinely come as a surprise to you is the fact that the Brazilian authorities have signed up a contract with an Israeli company which supply robots that are supposed to take care of the security set up at major events. Needless to say, these robots would help in taking care of things that might elude the human eye and as such is a great step.


2. The Magic Spray.

Whenever a free kick is awarded in a football game, there is usually a sort of tussle between the players and the referee about the exact spot from which the free kick is to be taken, however in the 2014 World Cup there would not be any such controversy. This, however, year the referees would be armed with a special spray that they would apply on the spot from which the kick is supposed to be taken and once that is applied, the spot would be highlighted making sure that there is not an iota of confusion.


1. No World Cup Has Ever Been Hosted Across So Many Centers.

At number one is the fact about the remarkable number of cities in which the World Cup matches would be hosted and thus far no tournament has been hosted at these many number of centers. In total 12 cities would be hosting the tournament and considering the size of Brazil it is a good thing since people from all parts of the country would be able to catch a game or two. On the other hand, the cost of building stadiums has also drained the resources of the Brazilian government.



Hopefully you were suitably surprised by those ten facts about the 2014 World Cup. Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.




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