Top 10 Surprising and Unknown Facts About Michael Jackson’s Life



The King of Pop music lived a dream that turned into a nightmare. He was followed, cheered and booed by millions in his lifetime; and the outpouring of grief after his demise was unprecedented. Even before the advent of 24 by 7, Michael was followed by journalists wherever he went and reported on his every move – real or imaginary. You may think you know all about him; but we have listed the most surprising and unknown facts about Michael Jackson’s life that will surprise you.

10. Don’t hit me Dad

Like most celebrities in the music world, Michael had a powerful relationship with his father. Only for him, it was aterror unleashed; with threat of beatings with belt, if he or any of his siblingsmade a mistake while rehearsing. The young Michael faced prolonged periods ofloneliness, self-doubt, and depression under the tyranny of his father. Though hepraised the enforced discipline of his dad as a contributing factor to hislater success, he never quite recovered from the psychological traumainflicted in his formative years.


9. King to Pauper

Though he earned millions of dollars, he never quite learned money management. His lavish lifestyle and squandering of wealth landed him into big trouble. To fund his over-the-top life-style, he took huge loans that put him under a mountain of debt. He had only two assets of value; one was the non-performing asset of Neverland – his dream house and second the Beatles catalogue that earned him handsome money each year. Had he lived longer, perhaps he would have found some solution to his money-woes, who knows?


8. Child Molester

Michael’s boat of stardom was rocked by the accusations of child molestation. It was alleged, though never proved, that Michael invited young boys to his Neverland ranch, ostensibly to enjoy rides. The real and sinister purpose, it was alleged was to find victims for abuse. It was also claimed that Michael invited some of the children to his private quarters and even slept naked with them on his bed.


7. Strip him naked

Following allegations of child abuse, in particular the statement of Jordan Chandler. Michael’s house was raided. It was alleged that the police found picture of Michael with young children without clothes. To substantiate the statement of the witness, who told intimate details of Michael’s private parts, the King of pop was stripped and checked against the details provided to the police. As per the police records, the description proved to be correct. After a prolonged court battle, both parties settled for an out of court settlement, in which Michael did not accept any wrongdoing.


6. The show trail

When Stalin was the all-powerful dictator of Soviet Russia, he rounded up all his opponents. They were softened up by secret police and put on show-trails where they readily confessed to all kind of real and imaginary crimes. Michael was put through something similar following the police raid and his arrest. Perhaps he had become too big for his shoes or perhaps his conduct was not always above board. Whatever the reason, by the time of his arrest and trail; his critics were baying for his blood and accusations flew thick and fast. Michael always maintained he was innocent and victim of a conspiracy to extract money out of him. In the end, he was found not guilty and acquitted of all charges.


5. Welcome to Bahrain

Following the high tension court trail in the U.S. in which he was acquitted on all charges, Michael moved to the gulf state of Bahrain. Here, he was the guest of the ruling family. His family later revealed their plan to move the singer out of U.S. and to Bahrain, whether he was proved guilty or innocent in the trail. Perhaps they thought that his native country had become too hostile for him. And out of love and concern for him, he wanted him to start a new life in the gulf country.


4. Marriage of convenience

At the height of child abuse accusations, Michael again sprung a surprise. He proposed and got married to Lisa Marie Presley, the daughter of the iconic Elvis Presley. Their courtship was brief and the marriage solemnised in a private ceremony in Dominican Republic. The couple divorced in less than 2 years, and the ex-wife has said that they had a normal sex-life. The critics allege that the entire marriage was a charade, an elaborate PR exercise to salvage Michael’s image. We leave the truth to your judgement. His nurse and companion of many years, MsDeborah Jeanne Rowe, became his second wife in 1996. It is said that Michael‘s mother asked her son to marry Deborah, after learning that the latter was pregnant with Michael’s child. The marriage lasted until 1999, when it ended in divorce. Marital bliss was just not in the fate of our Michael, who had seen the darker and lonelier side of the fame and success more than any other man.


3. Papa Jackson

It is said that we give back to life what it gives us; but for our kids we try to be what we wish our parents were to us. And Michael was no exception; his years of abuse and loneliness as a child, inculcated the value of support of a parent. He was a loving father to his children from both his second marriage and from a surrogate mother. He was fond of his sons -Michael Joseph Jackson, Jr., Prince Michael Jackson II and daughter Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson. Except of course the infamous incident, when he hung his infant son by the latter’s arm from the balcony of his hotel room in 2002. He apologized later, when faced will all round criticism for that crazy antic of his.


2. Surgeon’s nightmare

Do you remember the iconic image of Michael wearing a veil hiding his face? Only his eyes showed from behind the veil as he was escorted by burly guards. Once he achieved fame and earned big money, the superstar of music went through the surgeon’s knife many times to get a better appearance. His nose and lips changes many a times over the years, something he chose not to comment upon. He only admitted to having a dimple made on his cheek in a TV show. But the falling nose and splitting face – or so it is alleged – forced him to hide behind the veil, until a reconstruction surgery could salvage the fiasco.


1. Whacko Jacko

Throughout his life, in particular once he was past his prime, Michael faced the allegations that he was mentally imbalanced. Perhaps it was the loneliness and abuse he faced in his childhood, perhaps it was the pressure of stardom or the use of drugs. Whatever the reasons, he behaved oddly at times. There were media reports of his attempt to buy the bones of ‘Elephant man’ from the museum, or his buying a chimpanzee for himself. He grew irrational and his behaviour was distanced from reality. Another view was these were all planted stories by his media team to keep him in news and he had not lost it.



Michael remains an enigma – both in life and in death, he is an unsolved puzzle. He lived a fairy-tail life that ended in nightmare and in between he experienced the heights of success and the depths of failure. It is easy to judge him and criticize him from the comfort of an arm-chair. But only a person who has gone through what Michael did in his lifetime and achieves even half of what the late singer did can appreciate his talent, hard-work and grit. The man who pursued wealth and fortune for others in the end became a victim of his success and a prisoner of his fame. Stay tuned in to find interesting facts about other famous personalities. Sharing is caring; do share this post will those who you think will find it interesting. As always we will love to read your reactions.



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