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Kolkata or Calcutta as it has been referred to for aeons was the original capital choice of the British East India Company. This third most populous metropolis of India was once famed for being the centre of Indian education, science, culture, and politics. Also famous for being the front-runner of the pub culture in India; and for its love of all sports especially football and cricket, this city steeped in history and colored with cultural hues offers its teeming youth population a variety of choices to chill out with their friends and family. Read on to see our pick of the ten most popular teenage hangout destinations in the land of Tagore which is famous for its Bong’s who love their food, art, literature, a good read, sports and music!

10. Shanti-Niketan

Rounding of our list is this university town which needs no words to justify its entry into our list. Though outside the boundaries of the city this place more than justifies its place in our list. Bengalis are famous for their love and pride in all things related to artistic pursuits and literature. Shanti Niketan is a one stop destination to sample all the literature classics in the central library here or spend hours going through the various frescoes, sculptures and murals on display in the arts and craft museum. You could also shop for handicraft and handlooms here or spend some time at the deer park here. It even boasts of many eateries that are famous for dishing Bengali-themed cuisines. Trust us when we say you will leave the place rejuvenated and culturally rich. A heavenly destination to spend an entire day with your pals or even by yourself.


9. Mani Square

This state of the art mall gives you the very best that is to offer in terms of leisure, entertainment, cinema, food options as well as shopping. It is an ideal place to chill out with your friends and have some quality time. Whether it’s the mind boggling cuisine options you get here ranging from a goan-styled Shack lounge which offers great variety of mocktails, or Machaan famous for its kebabs and even Rajdhani that dishes out amazing Indian thaalis, everyone will get something to suit their palates and pockets! Add to that; the fact of it being the only place which has KFC, Mc-Donalds and Subway all under the same roof; which is sure to make all teens come alive. It also boasts of an uber-cool entertainment zone. There is the scary house that will give you a fair share of spooks and chills as well as” Amoeba”- the bowling and gaming arcade. Mani Square also has an open air balcony which is just perfect to enjoy some balmy evenings with your friends. All in all another great option for you to include in your hangout options!


8. Eco-Tourism Park

One of its kinds of attractions in this city. This park is one of the options that you could explore as a hangout if being close to nature is what excites the child in you! This eco-zone delight boasts of a variety of theme-based parks apart from providing ample recreational spaces for lot of fun-and –frolic or picnics with your friends and even an amphitheatre where the artistic side in you can come alive. Another unique attraction is the Shikara boat ride on the placid waters surrounding the park- just perfect for some quality time with your special one or friends and even family. Round of your day by experiencing a stunning sun-set on the banks of the lake from your special Shikara. An absolute divine break from the maddening and hectic pace of the city life. Go on and give it a try! We promise you won’t leave disappointed.


7. Someplace Else

The love and passion all Bengali teens have for rock or live music is a foregone conclusion. This is precisely why this famous Calcutta pub which has stood the test of time when it comes to its overwhelming popularity earns its rightful spot in the list of teenage hangouts in Kolkata. Great food, an amazing ambience, and central location are some of the more common but enticing points this place boasts of. However what sets it apart is that it hosts some of the city’s very best live bands that dish out strains of beyond awesome classical / rock and live music. They also boast of an “open mic” where anyone whether it’s a band or an artist can perform their art ranging from music, to acting to their own stand-up comedy. So if you are someone who is an ardent fan of music or of other performing arts then give this place a visit. It guarantees a night complete with some real great music and good food.


6. Maidan

The largest urban park in Kolkata, and referred to as the city’s lungs this place deserves a spot on the list for providing a fresh, green and leisurely break from the hectic life and the teeming city crowd. It is just the right place to hang out for an entire day with your friends if you are a sports lover. At any time you can see plenty of youth and teenagers hanging around here indulging in their love of cricket and football as it offers a wide, green unlimited expanse of land to play these sports. You could also spend some time with your special one by going around Maidan and soaking in all the beautiful views and architectural marvels around here in a good old-fashioned “Buggy” or horse carriage ride. Indulge in some visual treat and have a tryst with history by visiting various famous landmarks like Victoria Memorial, Birla Planetarium, Eden Gardens and Raj Bhawan which are all built around this spot. After a day spent playing sports, visiting these landmarks, soaking in the lively atmosphere around you or just having a lazy picnic with your friends you could end a perfectly relaxed day by indulging in some road side snacking with the Bhelpuri’s, Paani-puri’s and Samosa’s etc on offer here.


5. College Street

There is no way our list would be complete without the mention of this very famous landmark of Kolkata. Housing some of the famous academic institutions of the entire country this mile long stretch of road is an easy winner on the most preferred teenage destinations of the city. A book-lovers’ delight it is thronged by college students. The street also known as “Boi-Para”- which means Colony of Books in Bengali, has an uncountable number of stalls and stores spilling onto its pavements – complete with all kinds of books, authors and that too in every fathomable language whether regional, domestic or international and at throw-away prices. Once you are done purchasing to your heart’s delight- you also get options to hang out with your pals at the famous “Indian Coffee House” – known for their rich-aromatic coffee and for taking you back into an era when the Bengali culture and arts were at their zenith. If too much of artistic pursuit is not to your liking go for the “Food Station”- it combines college ambience and great food and also goes light on your pockets- Ideal for some quality hours with your pals soaking in the atmosphere of this very vibrant and unique street.


4. Anadi Cabin

This small restaurant in the bustling Esplanade area cements its place on our list; for the most special culinary delights it whips up apart from of course staying true to the old world Bengali charm. It has been and continues to be a favorite amongst all the age-groups especially the youth population since time immemorial. If you are one of the teens who love to get high on food, and love to discuss the normal day-to-day issues and other world problems (let’s be honest here- which bong teen does not love to talk) then this is the place to be! Famous for their special Mughlai or the Egg-batter fluffed parathas and even their humble but lip smacking omelet’s-  all accompanied with what is their USP – “The Potato Gravy” – this place will titillate your taste buds and whet your desire for some more! Never mind the slightly unimpressive interiors and furniture; after all isn’t teenage years all about great food, some real good time and beautiful memories with your pals! This place will leave you with all this and more!


3. Forum Mall

Located in the heart of city, Forum Mall is one of the major attractions of Kolkata. Situated just a few minutes away from College Street in itself makes it one of the most preferred hangout spots for the teen crowd. The mall combines the pleasant and up-market experience of shopping (be it designer labels, high and medium end brands) suitable to all pockets, with some really world-class food and beverage options (Oh! Calcutta for the taste of the authentic Bengali cuisine or just some coffee and endless conversations at Biscotti and Burp) as well as cinematic experience at INOX multiplexes to satisfy the movie-bug in you. Just the ideal spot to spend some quality hours with your friends and family or even by yourself. So whether it’s the good old retail therapy, or some chilled out time with your pals over movies and food Forum Mall easily takes the cake as the best destination to be at.


2. Nicco Park

If you are a teen; what are the odds that adventure sports or adrenalin thumping rides would not get you going. That is precisely the reason why Nicco Park wins the second spot on our list. An absolute haven for that special lazy picnic with your loved one’s or for just some really chilled out time with your pals. Whether it’s the most thrilling water or dry rides there are endless possibilities to indulge your fun-loving spirit here. Our pick of the millions of rides here are the River Cave Ride, Twist-n-Turn, and the Lazy River to just spend some time lazing on a soft moving waterbed. The park also comes complete with a gigantic water park, a wave pool and also Calcutta’s take on the famous Eiffel tower (to indulge the click-happy teen in you)!! Done building up an appetite? Head off to Beach Café or the multi-cuisine Food Park to indulge your taste buds or drop into the next door Nicco super-bowl for some bowling action! A day here will ensure you leave with zeal to return back for much more!


1. Park Street

A hands-down winner on our list for the most popular teenage destinations in Kolkata. Epicenter and the pulse of Kolkata’s entertainment area, Park Street is to this city what Oxford Street is to London. There is just no way that can you get out of here without enjoying a day well spent with your pals. Whether its food, music, books, literature or the most amazing architectural marvels around you, this street boasts of all these options and so much more! Drop into Flury’s (which by the way is an institution in itself to the Bongs) for their marvelous snacks, desserts or just coffee. Indulge the foodie in you at many of the other famous joints here. Our personal favorites are Magnolia, Trinca’s, Shiraz or Peter’s cat for their lip smacking sizzlers. If food options aren’t enough to get you cracking at Park street, it also caters to the music lover with the really exclusive “music store” and for the literature lovers the Oxford book store is definite must visit. For those who love their cuppa of ‘Chai” – there is even a Cha-bar lounge – dishing out various varieties of tea next to the book store.



We hope that you enjoyed reading through our picks of the most preferred teenage hangout zones that the city of Kolkata has to offer. So go out and try each of these places to sample the unique cultural, literary, musical, adventurous and culinary high each of these spots has to offer.


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