Top 10 Things About Arvind Kejriwal That you Don’t Know



Termed as the Messiah of Aam Admi, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal on all accounts has been quite successful to make a brand of the Party he so vociferously launched, more so after opening its accounts in the just concluded 16 Lok Sabha Elections. The Party patriarch can be given due credit for steering the ‘Aam Admi Movement’ singlehandedly and make a presence felt in the temple of democracy – “The Parliament”. Of late he has been on a roller coaster ride, ever since he had announced his candidacy from Varanasi – against Narendra Modi, the prime ministerial candidate of the BJP. Also the man has been severely criticized and has been dubiously termed “Bhagoda” for shunning his CM seat only after 49 days of elected governance, but be whatever ‘taglines’ he is accustomed to, the man can surely be given credit to put forward a different line of politics to this country. Let’s see on account and ascertain some truly unknown facts about Mr. Kejriwal which give the ‘Man of the Moment’ a truly different dimension and make him what he is.

10. Getting the Prestigious Time Magazine ‘Among Most Influential People in the World’ honour

The just concluded Time magazine Most Influential people in the world, Arvind Kejriwal bagged the coveted tag by beating none other than Mr Narendra Modi, the flamboyant PM designate of the BJP. The margin between Mr. Kejriwal and Mr Modi was quite noticeable. Mr. Kejriwal was the reader’s choice for a “Yes” as due to his different class and style of polity. About 84.1 % of the 1,91,586 total votes casted were on the positive side. In a stark contrast, Mr. Modi was accounted for about 2,53,826 votes out of which about 62.9% were a unanimous “No” and only 37.1% considered Mr. Modi as the one of the 100 most influential people in this world. Thus the honour given by one of the best magazines of repute elevates Mr. Kejriwal’s position to first amongst equals. He is still considered a man of immense integrity, honesty and youth-connect.



9. His Experience with Mother Teresa

Not many know that what we see of Mr. Kejriwal is a total turn off from what he really was few years ago. The man out of his conscientious voice took himself to Calcutta (after quitting his Tata Steel Job after placement from IIT-Kharagpur) to see and work with Mother Teresa, for whom he had high regard. Mr. Kejriwal worked for Mother Teresa‘s home for the poor called “Kalighat”. He had a differential experience altogether and slowly his philosophy about his religion begin to questioning him and his religion “Hinduism”. He went to nearby villages as part of the program he worked in and saw lots of ‘Christian Converts’ who were essentially ‘Hindu’s’, this lead to a growing belief about ‘Hinduism’ as a religion in the mind of young Kejriwal May be we can assume that seeds of change regarding living frugally were incorporated after Mr Kejriwal’s short stint with Mother Teresa, Probably, later in his life, destiny had grandeur plans for Arvind and those were truly embarked when he laid foundation for his own self help organization called “Parivartan” (an organization against corrupt tax mafia in the locality)


8. Mr. Kejriwal as a voracious Reader

Arvind Kejriwal is a voracious reader of religion and philosophy. The man has his small library of sorts in his home in Kaushambhi, Ghaziabad (as he became the Chief Minister of Delhi, he now lives in rented Government accommodation in Delhi).The books is his prized possession and he still finds out time to read amongst the favorite of his books. He is as evocative as his personality and much of his humbleness drains from the books he has gone through, the character we see in Mr. Kejriwal can be much attributed to the feedings from the books he has read in his life.


7. Man with a different Philosophy about life

Mr. Kejriwal always have had a different orientation towards life, he has been a loner and a deep-thinker. As his friends describe him, he always tried to work on different methodologies about life. He followed Vivekananda meticulously and was much influenced by his philosophy towards ‘living differently’, so much so that he went on to a ‘search for God’ and seek questions about God from his acquaintances and people he met. Amongst his siblings, he was altogether aloof and was quite introvert in his formative years of school and student life. Probably, these were casting impressions on his personality which later in life groomed him to become a force to reckon with.


6. Regular Practitioner of Vipassana

Another facet which can be attributed to Mr. Kejriwal is that he is a follower of” Vipassana School of meditation”. His faith on Buddhism clearly led him to practice this technique of Buddhist meditation. Quite recently, coming from a Varanasi, the man who lost to Mr. Modi spoke of going to his own shell and do ‘Vipassana”, this shows his quite articulate style of living. Certainly, Mr. Kejriwal believes in the axiom of Vipassana “that our happiness does not depend on external factors but internal being”. Clearly, the man is on a ‘recovery path’ and wants to concentrate his entire energy for a particular aim “Remove Corruption from India at any cost”.


5. Arvind Kejriwal the Activist

Another little known fact about Arvind Kejriwal is that he has been a social activist for quite some time now. As a serving Assistant Commissioner of Income tax, seeds of activism brewed and seeing the predicament of corruption in Income-Tax Deptt, he along with few like minded people started his NGO called “Parivartan” (which means Change). The main motto of such an exercise was to help people solve their income tax miseries. A remarkable 800 cases were resolved within a span of 18 months, all through the efforts of Mr. Kejriwal. Due to lack of know-how about the tax laws and more so due to un-approachability of ‘Right information’ to the masses, he took the initiative and acted like a catalyst to bring to light the ‘Right to Information (RTI) Act’. Though through this act, the masses could get the ‘Right Information’ but the act had no teeth to nail the corrupt. This Anomaly led to another significant turning point for Mr. Kejriwal, and the crusader in him was actually born. Thus his fight for corruption was seeded through RTI Act, and till date he has been quite vocal in all his arguments to bring to book all the corrupt government machinery.


4. A winner All through

As the joke goes, “Mr. Kejriwal has been a winner throughout what he undertook”. Going by the journey of life till now, he cracked the IIT exam on his maiden attempt; he only applied his candidature to IITs as he was quite confident of his ability to get into the elite institution. Later on, another feat which added feather in his cap was cracking IAS on his very first attempt. Finally he was made the Chief Minister of Delhi, again on his first attempt (By vociferously challenging and winning candidacy against Mrs. Shiela Dixit, the then chief minister of Delhi). As the story goes, he chose engineering over medicine and instead thought that he had a better chance to be an engineer than a doctor (though the story also goes that he sort of rebelled against the family) On those times there were only five IITs, catering about 1200 students, and his assertion was that he can crack IIT much easier than Medical Exams which had comparatively less number of seats. True to his personality, he was never in dark about his own career and wanted things upright for himself and according to his belief.


3. Awards and Recognitions

Arvind has been instrumental for the general cause of the public and has been thoroughly recognized for his ability to perform for the public grievances. Many societies and esteemed establishments have given him due recognition for his honorary work in public domain, the best one being Ramon Magsaysay award (Considered to be Asia’s Noble Prize) for emergent leadership. At the college level, Arvind has shown his mettle from an earlier stage and bagged the ‘Distinguish Alumnus Award ‘from IIT Kharagpur for his leadership Quality. Mr. Kejriwal has been a favorite recipe for the media too and thus has been a doting muse for media channels; on this account the media channels have honored Kejriwal for his societal achievements. Arvind has received the CNN-IBN, Indian of the year award -2013 and also NDTV – Indian of the year award’2011. Clearly the class and talent of Mr. Kejriwal have been truly recognized by the jury of panelists of these prestigious awards.


2. A True Family Man

Arvind Kejriwal has been a dedicated father, son and husband to his family. Efficaciously, he has donned the roles of a family man with equanimity. He lives with his parents and wife in a rented accommodation of the Public works Deptt of Delhi Government. He has two children on which he dotes on and prefers a quite movie with his family on weekends. Though his health does not allow much, he likes to have street food (specially “Golgappe”) with his children and wife. His children consider him to be a role model, in a recent interview his 12 year old son Pulkit termed him as a man of valor (as he advocates about his father “Papa mein hain Dum”). Equally vociferous is his 17 year old daughter Harshita, who says she is a follower of her father footsteps (her teachers and seniors are AAP followers).


1. Key Architect and Initiator of the Lokpal Bill

Arvind Kejriwal can be termed as the brain behind the Lokpal Bill which was presented to the parliament’s Lower house- The lok Sabha, and passed in a scuttle by the congress government under elected duress. It was Arvind’s key strategy which made the incumbent government kneel before the vociferous demand of the Lokpal bill – considered to be the panacea of all corruption in the country. He teamed up with social activist and another Magsaysay award winner – Shri Anna Hazare and other prominent personalities such as Kiran Bedi to draft the framework for Lokpal bill Though the Lokpal bill, in its amended avatar, is still hanging fire in Rajya Sabha, the initiation to make the government wake-up to the harsh reality of large scale corruption and bring a anti-corruption was truly catalyzed by thorough planning and efforts of Mr. Arvind Kejriwal.



Penultimately, Mr. Kejriwal is a man whom history won’t forget too easily, the way he has shaped the consciousness of New Age Indian voter (10 crore new entrants were there in voting foray for 16 Lok Sabha elections). Single handedly, he has spearheaded the AAP movement to a national level. With 2% of voting share and 4 Lok Sabha seats to begin with, the Man should be a “Must look out for” in coming times. As I write this, Mr. Kejriwal is arrested by Delhi police and sentenced to Tihar Jail against a defamation case against Bjp’s Nitin Gadkari,he could have avoided this term, but his ethics did not allow him to take the ‘escape route’ and furnish a personal bond of Rs 10000 and avoid arrest.


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