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The Dhak Dhak girl, also known as Madhuri Dixit is one of the biggest stars Bollywood has seen. She may be 47 years old but she is still as enchanting as she was when she first came to fame. She started her career with Abodh in 1984, which unfortunately was a flop. Her first true hit, the movie which propelled her into fame and success was Tezaab, the 1988 mega hit that is more commonly known now as Madhuri Dixit’s hit debut.Stardom comes with its fair share of crazy and Madhuri Dixit, with her enormous fan following has her fair share of crazy fans. While most crazy fans resort to the standard – stalking, sticking to vehicles, etc., Madhuri Dixit has a special kind of crazy fans. One of her fans from Jamshedpur came up with the idea of starting a calendar which-wait for it- starts on Madhuri Dixit’s birthday! Oh yes, and this isn’t all. This same fan also wrote to the Government of India asking them to declare a public holiday on her birthday.A lot has been said and written about Madhuri Dixit, but we can never really get enough of our favourite stars, can we? This list here is a compilation of the top ten little known facts about Madhuri Dixit. Read on and enjoy.

10. Big Bucks.

Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Madhuri’s super hit with Salman Khan was one of the biggest hits of 1994. The more interesting fact about that though is Madhuri Dixit’s fee for the movie – a whopping Rs. 2,75,35,729 ! Back in the early 90s, this was a massive amount, not that it isn’t now, most actors nowadays earn around Rs. 2 Crores per film. When Madhuri received her fee for Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, she was the highest paid actor in the industry!


9. The Unfulfilled Micro-Biologist.

Madhuri didn’t always want to be an actress. Or even a dancer, for that matter. She, in fact, studied in Mumbai University to become a Microbiologist! This was despite having pursued Kathak training for 8 whole years! Have you ever wondered what it would be like if these actors followed their original dreams?! Well, luckily for all her fans, Madhuri pursued acting instead of microbiology!


8. Special Treatment.

It’s no surprise that Bollywood is dominated by actors. It always has and to this date it remains that way. Way back in the 90s, when Madhuri Dixit’s career was almost at its peak, there came a point when roles were specially written keeping her in mind. It started with the 1997 film Mrityundand and it continues today with movies like Gulaab Gang! This says everything about Madhuri’s immense acting capability as well as the power she possesses.


7. Best Actress.

Well, it’s no surprise that Madhuri is reportedly the actress with the highest number of Filmfare nominations for the award of the Best Actress, but what is surprising is this – way back in 2007, Rediff took out a list of the Best Bollywood Actresses EVER on the occasion of Women’s Day. Not only was Madhur a part ot this list, she in fact topped it. Probably the most interesting part of this list was the fact that Madhuri Dixit surpassed Madhubala, Nargi and Waheeda Rahman!


6. Trained by the best.

We have all heard of Pandit Birju Maharaj – an acclaimed Kathak maestro, he refrains from training dancers for Bollywood. But guess who he made an exception for? That’s right, Madhuri Dixit was lucky enough to have trained with the Pandit for her dance sequences. Not only this, there have also been rumours that he may actually help Madhuri with a few videos for her online dance academy, Dance with Madhuri (You too can take personal lessons from The Madhuri Dixit here:


5. The Star Connection.

At number 5, we have a startling fact for you. Madhuri Dixit has a star named after her! Yes, you read that right, a star in the sky and yes, you can do that (All you need to do is contact The Star Foundation Network). An online fan page’s members decided to do something for their favourite star and so got a celestial body named after her. Incidentally, she is the only Bollywood celebrity to have a star named after her; Shahrukh Khan comes close as he has a crater on the Moon named after him. That is a feat!


4. The Freaky Friday.

There were reports in 2011 that Madhuri Dixit may be collaborating again with her Ram Lakhan co-star Anil Kapoor. Reportedly, Madhuri Dixit refused to do the Bollywood remake of the Hollywood cult hit Freak Friday, featuring Jamie Lee Curtis and a young Lindsay Lohan with Anil Kapoor and Sonam Kapoor. While we’re sure that Madhuri would’ve played the role played by Jamie Lee Curtis beautifully, we’re glad  she didn’t collaborate with Sonam Kapoor for this one – no way does she look old enough to play the mother of a 20-something girl! Considering how popular the movie was overseas and the potential cast of the remake, we’re surprised this news did not make the front pages and has thus occupied the fourth place in our list of unknown facts.


3. Forbes Magazine Alumni.

In the year 2001, Forbes took out a list of the Top 5 Most Powerful Movie Stars in Bollywood. Amongst names like Amitabh Bachchan and Aamir Khan was our very own, beloved Madhuri Dixit. It’s one thing to make it to the Top Something list in a film or fashion magazine and it something completely different to make it to any list in Forbes. Madhuri had the fortune of being touted as one the most powerful actors in Bollywood. This shows that Madhuri’s fame and her charm far exceeded the Indian.


2. For the love of cute nicknames.

At number 2 we have some dirt on Madhuri Dixit. We all those haunting memories of childhood, memories that come back fresh as new every time you go back home – the memories of embarrassing nicknames! Madhuri Dixit, just like the masses, was a part of this phenomenon and is referred to as Bubbly or Babli at home. She obviously hasn’t been very open about her nickname, otherwise there was no way this interestingly juicy bit of information would rank two on our list of the favourite unknown facts.


1. The Muse.

That Madhuri Dixit was a brilliant dancer and actor is no surprise and thus, sort of unlikely to make to the coveted number one spot on this list. What is indeed surprising is that she was someone’s muse. And not just anyone’s muse, she was the famous MF Hussain’s muse ! Not only has he watched Hum Aapke Hain Kaun about 67 times, he also got an entire theatre booked for himself so that he could watch Madhuri’s relaunch in Aaja Nachle. He later made a movie called Gaja Gamini, the famous movie which was the great MF Hussain’s tribute to the great Madhur Dixit. Not only was the movie made around Madhur Dixit, it was also extremely women-centric! Now that is something you’d want to tell your friends you read about.



We hope this article has helped you know Madhuri Dixit a little better and has left you surprised as well! Wanna know more about Madhuri Dixit? Get in touch with her yourself! Here are her official, verified Facebook and Twitter account: Facebook: Twitter:


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