Top 10 Things to Do on a Trip to Goa



With people digging out Goa’s one tourist gem at a time, ‘The ultimate Goa Experience’ keeps getting better and better with each passing season. There are more and more things to be explored, more experiences to be ticked off your ‘to do’ list, and so much more to absorb and see.  The moment you set your first glance on Goa, it just tucks in a soft corner of your heart and it stays there forever. So if you are planning your first trip to Goa, we have a list of top ten things and experiences that you wouldn’t want to miss, and if you are one of those who just want to keep coming back to this beach and party paradise of India, then let us revive your good memories and add something more to it. We will take you through the list in the reverse order, keeping the best for the last.

10. Flea Markets

Starting with the tenth best thing, we suggest that you visit the colourful flea markets in Goa. Anjuna beach’s Wednesday flea market and Ingo’s Saturday night market are the two places you do not want to miss. These places are just too much fun to be at.  Whether you are a shopaholic or a foodie or just a curious traveller, you will love the colourful stalls set by the locals and various other people from all over the world. They sell everything from clothes to handmade jewellery and amazing food, and since it is Goa, there is always a nice local café or shack around the corner.


9. Water sports

It is fun to watch the undulating waves of the ocean from a distance but it is much more thrilling to go and hit water with full sport. Therefore the next on the list is experiencing that rush of adrenaline amidst the beauty of Goa is something one must try. You can try jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, water skiing etc under the assistance of professionals. Let your dare devil loose and liberate yourself with your pick of the game. Calangute, Baga and Dona Paula are some of the beaches where you can get these exciting adventures except during monsoon season. We would suggest that you bargain well on the quoted prices.


8. Holy Spirit of Goa

The third last on the list are Goa’s popular churches that connect the present of this intriguing destination to its equally interesting history. You can visit the holy remains of St Francis Xavier lying inside the wonderfully built Basicillica of Bom jesus that is around 10 km from Panjim. This is a perfect way to take a walk through the sanctity of Goa. In Panjim, you could also visit The Church of Lady Immaculate Conception that has been featured in many Bollywood movies like Josh, Honeymoon Travels Pvt. Ltd., etc. These magnificent heritage sites are widely admired for their architecture and interiors.


7. The Evening Cruise

If you want to try something else than admiring the sea from the beach then try doing the other way round. Get on a sunset or a moonlight cruise that takes you on the waters of river Mondovi. A sunset cruise is ideal for you to make a perfect twilight memory with the sun setting with a thousand colours and hues. Not to forget the on-board entertainment shows and performances. Upon sunset, the view of the star lit city from the cruise is mesmerizing.


6. Basking under the sun

If you are in Goa, and you want to justify your existence in a place where everybody loves to have some ‘Me’ time, then basking under the sun and forgetting about everything else is the way to go. Just put on some sun tan lotion and sunglasses, and flaunt the body you have been working out to show off in the beach capital. The warmth of the sun and the meditative sounds of the waves would certainly relax your mind before you go back to hit the hum drums and the banalities.


5. Tourist Tourist!

If you want to play tourist in Goa then you could visit Chapora Fort and see the glorified picture perfect spot from Dil Chahta Hai and click your own version of the trio portrait. Aguada Fort is another well preserved fort in Goa. You could also do the Indiana Jones style and visit The Goa State Museum in Panaji to admire sculptures, art works, furniture, etc from various stages of Goan history. If you have an adventure itch in you, then Mollem National Park is your place to be. It is known for its wildlife and eco friendly stay options.


4. Food With a View

The fourth best thing to do in Goa is a feast for the senses. Goa serves you an overdose of panorama right at your dining table. Places like Curly’s at Anjuna and Britto’s at Baga, are beach side restaurants and shacks that offer delectable food plus breathtaking views of the beach. You can spend your whole day with a beer in your hand, admiring the horizon, or have a coffee date with the setting sun. The candle lit dinner at Britto’s, where you can feel the soft sand underneath your feet, takes your dining experience to fairytale perfection.


3. Mini  Road Trips

Riding a bike or a car is generally reserved for long drives by the travellers. We suggest that you rent a bike or a scooter to get around the quaint roads of Goa. It is ranked third on the list because you would not only get a chance to get a sneak peek into the lives of the locals but you would also get to visit and explore the nooks and corners that are not on a regular tourist map of the state. Try doing this little trip on a day when the sun is not so daunting, or start early morning or when the sun is appeasing.


2. YOLO (You Only Live Once!)

It is true that you live only once, so why not try some things that you wouldn’t or cannot do back home. The second best thing to do in Goa is actually a mini list of things to do. Get a henna tattoo from one of the beach side tattoo parlours or get a body message underneath the sun. You could also have one of the local women on the beach braid your hair in cool styles that you can proudly fashion for days. You can also revive your childhood dreams of building a sand castle or writing your name on the sand. One last thing that you must do is watch a sun set on Anjuna Beach, a memory that you will keep with you forever.


1. Night Out!

The winner of this nifty list is a night out in Goa! Beaches at Goa are a blend of beauty, fun and adventure. One memory that you definitely want to create in Goa is spending a night on a beach. You can relax, or party, or enjoy the view of the starry sky and the gushing ocean. This is a perfect story that you would want to add to your bag of the ‘adventurous’ things you did in Goa. Some of the popular beaches in North Goa are Baga, Anjuna and Calangute. However, due to safety reasons, it is recommended to have a ‘beach night out’ only in large groups.



So go ahead and have fun making your trip to Goa a perfect recipe of blissful adventure that you have always wanted it to be. Plan your trip to perfection and yet let there be enough room for some unexpected pleasantries and experiences. Find out your favourite places and create your own story of a Goa trip, and let the world know it in your style.


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