Top 10 Things to do on a Trip to Gujarat



Gujarat is a state where people love their food and flavours just as much as their colourful culture. A trip to Gujarat is a mix of subtle and vivid destinations and experiences that will at one time put your mind at ease and then overwhelm you at others. We present to you the top ten things to do in Gujarat that will give you an apt taste of what this wonderful state is made of.

10. The Art Lovers

Ranking tenth on the list, Vadodara is a popular centre of art. If you are an art lover, then you must visit The Baroda Museum and Picture Gallery that houses statutes, carvings and art pieces from the Mughal and the European Era. You can also visit a Maratha Mansion called the Tambekar Wada where an array of murals inspired by Lord Krishna and many European muses are displayed. This wooden building stands tall with its state-of-the-art architecture. Another place that will serve your inner curator is Ahmedabad’s NC Mehta Gallery that is a treasure trove of well preserved miniature paintings and illustrated manuscripts. ‘Fifty Love Lyrics of a Thief’ is one of the many famous and intriguing manuscripts at display there.


9. Shopping in Gujarat

Shopping in Gujarat ranks ninth and it can be quite a lot of fun considering the simplicity and versatility of the set ups of the state’s markets as compared to an urban shopping experience.   It is a lot of fun to hustle your way through the street side stalls near Teen Darwaza in Ahmedabad, and then exploring the labyrinthine roads of the Manek Chowk Bazaar selling everything from fabrics, jewellery, crafts and much more. Chandi Bazaar or Silver Market in Jamnagar is another interesting place to shop for beautiful jewellery pieces and to witness artisans working earnestly on intricate and lovely pieces of gold, silver and other metals.


8. Gujarati Food!

Indulging in the deadly sin of Gluttony ranks eight. Gujarat’s dishes are as flavourful on your palate as their names are on your vocal cord. For starters, we suggest that you try Gujarat’s famous Dhokla, Khandvi and Bhajiya. The main course is a mix of humble dal, kadi, rice, roti and sabzi (or vegetables). One of the many places where you can get a delectable Gujarati Thali is Mandap in Vadodara. The lovely interiors and ambience of the place will give you a closer glance at the state’s culture. Agashiye in Ahmedabad is another superb choice for wonderful food and a great view of the city from the rooftop. Here, a candlelight dinner combined with the taste of local hospitality and mouth-watering desserts will certainly satiate your palate.


7. Nal Sarovar Wetland

Next is a wonderful escape to Nal Sarovar Wetland, which is fed by many lakes during rainy seasons and winters. We suggest you take a trip to this beautiful place where many migratory birds from all over the world find abode. Pack a picnic to a nearby village or take a boat ride through the shallow waters to experience the salubrious environment of this place. This unusual tourist place spread over 155sq mt. is located 62 km from Ahmedabad, and is a perfect place to find some peace of mind away from the hustle bustle of the cities.


6. Royalty of Gujarat

You wouldn’t want to miss a glance at the great Indian way of royal living. One of the lavish palaces of Gujarat boasting the royal life of the state is Vadodara’s Laxmi Vilas Palace known for its lavish interiors and wonderful decor. The grandeur of its architecture and the residing royals still hold its reverence intact. You will be put in awe and admiration by the beauty and of its in-house palaces, museum and cultural hall. Nazarbagh Palace is another house of the royals where you can get a sneak peek in the lives of the descendents of the Maharajas of Gujarat.


5. Sights and Architecture

Next on the list is sightseeing, which is a wonderful way to learn about the essence and variables that a state and its culture are made of. If you want to know what Gujarat is rooted for then you must visit some of the many amazing architectural and cultural treasures in the state. Visit the Somnath Temple dedicated to ‘The protector of the moon god’. This place has been destroyed and rebuilt sixteen times, and today it stands in all its glory on the west coast of Gujarat. You must also visit a step well called Naulakhi Well near Laxmi Vilas Palace in Vadodara.  Another famous step well is Dada Hari-ni vav built in 1499. These brilliant architectural marvels not only inspire an eerie feeling of nostalgia, but also provide picture perfect backdrops to click some amazing portraits.


4. Holy Land of Dwarka

Dwarka or the door to unite with Lord Brahma is one of the seven ancient cities of India. The sight of Dwarkadhish Temple set beside the sea will nestle in a beautiful corner of your memory for a long time. Witnessing this epic land of Lord Krishna in its lost and found glory is a nonpareil experience. We suggest that you stop for a moment while driving down the sea side road towards the temple and breathe in the serenity and beauty around. The intriguing tales of Krishna’s kingdom and the pull to its charm is something that very few people can resist.


3. Encounter with Mahatma Gandhi

Ranking third is the Karmabhumi or the work centre of Mahatma Gandhi, Sabarmati Ashram that is situated on the west banks of Sabarmati River. If you want to have a glance at the disciplined life lead by Gandhi Ji while he held the flag of the Indian Independence Movement, then you must visit this serene and inviting quarter where pictorial records of the man’s life are well displayed. Taking a stroll through the episodes of Gandhi Ji’s life will be a strangely enlightening experience. For handicrafts lovers, watching on site production of handmade papers, spinning wheels and other craft products can be a sight to be cherished.



2. The Wildlife

Exploring the wildlife in Gujarat is the second best thing to do in the state and it attracts many travellers all year round. You can nourish that adventurer in you by exploring an unusual fleet of 42 islands called the Marine National Park. They cover a wide variety of flora and fauna. Hotel President provides the easiest bookings for a trip to any of these islands. However, the main wildlife attraction of Gujarat is Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, where you get a chance to enter the natural abode of the kind of the jungle. Watching a lion or two at close quarters in such settings is an inexplicably marvellous experience.


1. The Rann of Kutch

On the top of the list are the marshy lands of Rann of Kutch that would be one of the most unusual sights that you will ever behold. The vast expanse of salt desert seems like an artificial backdrop of a movie set. We suggest that you go for a moonlit camel safari in the desert, when the barren land spread till the horizon seems like a magical land. If you try and visit this place on a full moon day then you will also be able to catch some vibrant cultural programs at the nearby village of Dhordo. Also, the Little Rann Sanctuary in the region gives you a rare opportunity to see the natural breeding space of Khurs (Asiatic wild ass) and Flamingos.



All these places in Gujarat make it a melting point of many fascinating experiences that will make your trip memorable. These top ten things to do in Gujarat show you the ‘usuals’ and the ‘unsuals’ of this colourful state. We suggest that you first mark our ranks in your itinerary and then add the touch of your adventurous or relaxing streak to make it a perfect trip.


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