Top 10 Things You didn’t know about Aamir Khan’s PK



PK is without doubt the most keenly awaited movie to hit the silver screens this year. As Bollywood and the theatres prepare for the big kill, the hype and anticipation centred on the movie keep rising with every passing hour and day. The movie opens to an unprecedented 5200 screens in India and 6000 screens worldwide. No Bollywood movie till date, save the exception of Dhoom 3 that comes somewhat close, has generated such a build-up. Here are some top unknown facts about the movie PK.

10. Alien Look

Let us kick-start with number ten. Aamir khan sports green eyes, with strange ears for the trailer of the movie. After the disaster of Joker, you wouldn’t want another alien parody, to be sure. You might also wonder, if this is only a marketing gimmick with nothing to do with the movie. Two things go against it. One, Aamir is not known to advertise themes or looks unrelated to the movie. Remember the round hat look of the movie Dhoom 3? Second, Director Rajkumar Hirani is much respected and popular to resort to cheap gimmicks. So, in all likelihood, we have the alien look related to the story. Just how? Wait a little longer to find out.


9. Lucky December

The movie was slated for release on June 6. And by most accounts, it was ready on time. Do you wonder why you had to wait 6 more months to see it? The reason given by Aamir is that he and the director wanted to reshoot some scenes and edit to make the film even better. The real reason is that Aamir feels December and Christmas period is lucky for him, post the success of Gajini, 3 idiots and Dhoom 3. And for a big movie with crores and many reputations riding on it, Director Hirani also did not wanted to take any chances, and so obliged the actor. The film was preponed from the Christmas release to avoid clash with Ranbir Kapoor’s Bombay Velvet.


8. Sanjay Dutt and Sushant

You enjoyed Munnabhai movies? Well, prepared to be entertained more. The surprise package of this movie is Sanjay Dutt. Apparently, the Munnabhai shares great vibes with the Director Hirani, for him to consider our Sanju baba for an important role, rumoured to be the role a Rajasthani Bandmaster in this movie. The actor worked tirelessly, to complete the shooting for his role in the movie, before he surrendered and went to Yerwada jail to serve the remainder of his sentence. Sushant, who won some praise, but little recognition post the movie Kai Po Che is also said to have landed a good role in PK.


7. Anushka’s Killer Looks

You must have seen the sexy lass with brand new pixie in the trailer released on twitter by now. The beautiful and talented actress has sported more than just a fresh look for the movie. There are also rumours of a lip-lock with the Aamir in the movie, a rumour she has gone great lengths to deny, only confirming the suspicion of not much smoke without fire. It needs to be seen if the young woman’s pairing with the mature and aging Khan will be accepted and appreciated by the audience. Let us hope for the best.


6. Second Choice Aamir

Strange but true. Director Hirani has confessed, he considered choosing newcomers for 3 idiots but then settled for Aamir. On the sets of 3 idiots, Aamir was confirmed as the first, and not second choice for the movie PK. And apparently the actor was also enthusiastic about the movie and the role and started working on it early on, to be ready when shooting commenced. The success of 3 idiots of course helped the duo cement their relationship.


5. Nude Shot

At number five, breaking the list mid-way, we have the thing you and everyone else noticed first. The nude poster of Aamir Khan generated a lot of heat, flak, controversy and put the spot-light on the movie. Known for his innovative marketing techniques, like the hunter look for Gajini, the actor took a huge gamble by posing nude for the poster. You will be surprised to know that the photo-shoot happened 2 years earlier, when Aamir was fighting fit for the role he essayed in Dhoom 3. The photos you see is real and not body double or photo-shop tricks. An unused railway track, 2 hours distance from the nearest town in Rajasthan was chosen for the shoot, with enormous security, frisking and strictly no cameras and mobiles allowed.


4. Meaning of PK?

And here comes the four biggest secrets of the movie PK. You wonder what is the meaning of the title PK? There has been non-stop speculation, ever since the name was announced. Was the movie about an alcoholic who got drunk (or pee-kay) and engaged in nuisance? Well, an insider tells us that the title is based on the lead character’s name i.e. Punmiya Kushal. Reminds you of Phoonsuk Wangdu of 3 idiots? A Unique name for a unique character is the signature characteristic of Director Rajkumar.


3. Keep Eating Paan

Before you head off to the paan shop, our big fact number three is about PK. That is what the director Hirani told Aamir to do, who ate up to 200 paans each day. They had in fact a full time paanwaala on the sets, to make fresh paans for the actor, who ate 10-15 paans before each shot, to get the colour on his lips and the tone of voice right. Talk of work come pleasure! Wouldn’t you love to eat paan all day and get paid for it?


2. Bhojpuri Lingo

And here comes the second biggest secret of PK. The character speaks the Bhojpuri language extensively. And such is the Mr. Perfect, Aamir Khan’s commitment to his craft that he learned the language for 2 years non-stop before starting shooting for the movie. He found a good tutor in Shanti Bhushan, a writer for TV serials. The teacher is all praise for his student, who kept rehearsing during breaks, and who made it a point to keep his tutor with him during the shoot.


1. About God and Godmen

And here comes the big bomb at number one. Although, Director Raju Hirani and actor Aamir Khan have worked tirelessly to keep the story secret; some information has started to tickle in. The story is a satire on Hindu Gods and God-men. Reminds you of Akshay Kumar starrer, Om My God! But do not worry, if Raju and Aamir’s track record is anything to go by, you are in for not a copy-cat or rip-off of an earlier release but a laugh riot. After all was there any dearth of college movies or bike movies before 3 idiots and Dhoom 3? So, trust the director-actor duo to come up with a total entertainer.



Any way you look at it, Director Hirani and Actor Aamir have a big winner at their hands with the movie PK. Beyond the hype and packaging it is the anticipation of a good, clean and funny movie that have people booking their tickets in advance and the first weekend sold out at all theatres. It is up to the duo to live up to their promise, for Bollywood is a cruel place, where you are only as good as your last movie. Sharing is caring; do share this post with those who you think will find it interesting. As always, we will love to read your reactions.


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