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All IPL franchises have a huge fan following not only in the cities in which they are based but also in the rest of the country and beyond, which is why it is only natural that the fans and general IPL enthusiasts would have an interest in the little known facts about a franchise. This article focuses on the Delhi Daredevils and seeks to provide you with the top 10 things that you might not have known about the franchise.

10. DD’s Highest Run Getter and Wicket Taker Are Now Playing for Other Teams

The Delhi Daredevils did not retain a single player from their squad before they went into the players’ auction in 2014 and in the process let go of two of their most influential players of the past few season, which is why it can be said that their current situation in the tournament is not really a surprise. Virender Sehwag was not only DD’s ‘icon player’ and captain but also their highest run scorer across the 6 seasons of the IPL and Irfan Pathan was their highest wicket takers, however the team management decided to make a fresh start. It is rare to come across such drastic decisions but in retrospect it must be said that it was a move that has backfired on the team.


9. Dinesh Karthik Used to be a DD Player

One of the biggest surprises of the IPL players’ auction of 2014 was the eye watering price of Rs. 12.5 crores that the DD paid for the services of Dinesh Karthik after a round of aggressive bidding. However, the funniest bit about the whole exercise was that Karthik used to be a DD player when the IPL started back in 2008 and hence the team could have saved a lot of money if they had held on to the player, who eventually changed hands at huge prices later on. So far he has not had a good outing for the Daredevils in the IPL; however that may change next season.


8. The Team’s ‘Second’ Home Venue is in Raipur

The Kings XI Punjab were the first team to have used a ‘second’ venue for their games when they decided to host a few games in Dharamsala and after that plenty of other teams followed suit. Most casual IPL fans would expect to DD to lay all their games at the Feroze Shah Kotla in Delhi but that is not the case since the franchise have also decided on a ‘second’ home and that happens to be the international stadium in Raipur, Madhya Pradesh. The venue has not hosted as many games as expected but you can expect the numbers to go up in the years to come.


7. Akshay Kumar is a Delhi Daredevil Supporter

You might often see celebrities at the stadium wearing the team jersey but most of them do it for promotional purposes however in case of Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar it is different since he was born in Delhi and hence he is a passionate supporter of the Delhi Daredevils. During the initial seasons Kumar used to be seen at most games in which the Daredevils played and used to be a vocal presence in the stands. In addition to that, he was also the star who featured in the official team song that was a part of the promotional activities ahead of the first season of the IPL.


6. UNICEF is one of the Sponsors of the Daredevils

The fact the Delhi Daredevils have UNICEF as one of their sponsors is certainly something about which the team owners should be proud since the organisation usually does not associate itself with sports teams and if it does then it is more often than not with the biggest names in sports. For instance, UNICEF were the kit sponsors of Barcelona FC for some time in the late 2000s, which is a clear indication that UNICEF is an organisation which supports the most popular sports teams. You might not see a UNICEF logo on thee DD kit but if you go to the official website you will get to see that UNICEF is listed as one of the sponsors.


5. Delhi Daredevils is Owned by the GMR Group

The Delhi Daredevils are owned by perhaps the least pretentious of owner since you would hardly see them sitting in the dugout with the players or delivering sound bites to the waiting media, as a result of which most people are unaware of the identity of the owners. The DD are owned by the industrial conglomerate GMR, an abbreviation for Grandhi Mallikarjuna Rao, who started the company and over the years the company has moved into a diverse group of businesses starting from agriculture to infrastructure development. It is a company that takes its assets seriously and hence you should expect better performances from the DD in the future.


4. It Was the 5th Most Expensive Franchise Back in 2008

Back in 2008 the 8 different IPL franchises were distributed to 8 owners after a bidding process and after the whole thing was completed the GMR group emerged as the one who had bid the highest amount of money for the Delhi franchise. The Mumbai Indians were understandable the most expensive franchise with a winning bid of $111.9 million, followed closely by Bangalore at $111.6 million and so it can be said that the Delhi franchise went for a relatively ‘cheap’ $84 million considering the sort of money that changed hands for the other teams. However, at that point the Delhi franchise was still the 5th most expensive team in the competition.


3. Glenn McGrath Left DD Feeling ‘Disappointed’

The IPL is a tough tournament in which reputations are not respected if the results start going haywire however in case of legendary fast bowler Glenn McGrath the situation was different as he found himself out of the starting eleven of the Delhi Daredevil during the IPL in 2009. He has been an integral part of the team in the first edition but ended up cooling his heels in the dugout during the next edition and according to the bowler the team management were not convinced of his fitness. The bowler never played in the IPL again after expressing his disappointment.


2. The Official Song of DD is Almost Unknown

It must be said that the Delhi Daredevils have not been as good with their marketing side of things as the other franchises, which is why it is not really a surprise that their official song ‘Mundey Dilli Ke’ is almost unknown among the IPL fans. The song is quite catchy and has been composed with one eye on the population of Delhi, which is overwhelmingly Punjabi. You can listen to the song on YouTube and it is a guarantee that you would wonder as to the reasons why the song is not as popular as it should be.


1. The Owners Are Not From Delhi

Although it is true that it is not a necessity for the franchise owners to belong to the same city it is largely a trend that most of the owners have some sort of link with the city in which their team is based and in that regard it needs to be mentioned that the owners of the DD, the GMR group do not belong to the city of Delhi. The company is headquartered in the Southern city of Bangalore, however it needs to pointed out that their enthusiasm for the Delhi based team has been phenomenal and hopeful they wold be able to taste some success in the near future.



Hopefully you enjoyed the article and learned something new about the Delhi Daredevils. If there is something that you feel has been missed out; please feel free to point that out in the comments section below.


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