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She came, she saw and she is on her way to conquering the movie industry. Yami Gautam may just be a couple of movies old in Bollywood, but she has managed to carve a niche for herself in the industry as well as the audience’s hearts. Her Bollywood debut, Vicky Donor would not have been most new actress’s ideal choice for a debut film. But this Punjabi kudi took the risk and it was worth it. She played a Bengali divorcee in the movie, not an easy role for a newbie but she pulled it off with élan. Her performance in the movie was equally appreciated by critics and audiences alike. Now, how many debutants can boast of that?! There’s not a lot that we know about her and this list here is to help with that. Here are the 10 most interesting things that you did not know about Yami Gautam:

10. The (Co) Star Connection

Vick Donor was Yami Gautam and Ayushmann Khurana’s first venture into Bollywood. Both of them came from a television background and one would assume that they met for the first time on the sets. But these co-stars go back a long way. Yami and Ayushmann both hail from Chandigarh and are in fact family friends! They had met a few times before they met in Shoojit Sircar’s office for the first meeting. Yami says that knowing Ayushmann from before definitely helped during the making of the movie. It is a small world, indeed.


9. Au Naturale

Yami believes in keeping it natural. This belle avoids using artificial conditioners for her hair. At a TV show, when the host asked her to tell everyone the secret of her long, healthy hair, she said that she prefers not using products for her hair. She swears by a blend of curd, lemon and coconut oil to condition her hair. Now here is a secret you might want to try! Her long shiny hair bears testimony to the efficacy of the blend.


8. Yami’s a romance novel enthusiast

Which one of us doesn’t like our share of romance! Yami too loves her romance novels. While it’s difficult for her to fit reading into her packed schedule, she admitted to carrying around a Nicholas Sparks novel and reading it while commuting. Considering the fact that she mostly commutes within Mumbai, that’s a lot of reading, thanks to the traffic!


7. Clean Slate

Probably the most interesting unknown fact about Yami that we came across was this. While most actors nowadays come from a theatre background, Yami Gautam had a clean slate before she started her acting career. This young actor didn’t even dabble in modeling before acting came along. Sometimes the stars align just right and a star s born. There’s a lot more to actors than the glam life and press conferences. They are individuals with their own likes, dislikes and childhood anecdotes. Yami sure has a lot more to her than meets the eye and she truly is a star in the making. Here’s hoping that you now know a bit more about one of India’s most promising actors.


6. The Southern Connection

Punjabi folk love their food and Yami is no exception. What is surprising is that her go-to breakfast isn’t parathas and dahi but South Indian food! Another surprising fact is that she enjoys cooking South Indian food. When she was featured on a popular TV show, she made uttapams for herself and the host. Now that is one gracious host!


5. The Makeup Artiste

So Yami Gautam is currently working on her third Bollywood flick, Action Jackson. Rumors say that she had a falling out with the producer over her makeup artiste. Apparently, the producer was so unhappy with Yami’s current makeup artiste that he decided to change her and even spoke to a new makeup artiste, all without consulting Yami! On hearing about this, Yami had an argument with the producer and insisted on keeping her own makeup artiste. This lawyer-to-be sure knows how to stand her ground even if it’s against a big film producer.


4. Shy Girl

It’s hard to believe that Yami Gautam is an introvert. When she was in school, one of her teachers wanted her to act in a play but she was too shy to act in front of an audience! Somehow, the teacher managed to convince her to play the part. The play went on to win and the rest, as they say, is history.


3. Southern Belle

We all have heard about how Yami started acting – with television commercials and serials. But Vicky Donor was not her cinematic debut! She started her Filmi career with the Kannada film called Ullasa Utsaha in which she starred opposite the Southern super star Ganesh. It was after a couple of Southern movies that she auditioned for Vicky Donor and bagged the role.


2. The Naughty Schoolgirl

Yami wasn’t always an angel in school. For her ICSE Board final practicals, she forged her teacher’s signature. Though she wasn’t the only one in her class to do that, she was the only one to get caught. But due to her past clean record, she was let off with a warning. Well, phew!


1. Yami’s a law student!

This has to be the most interesting fact about Yami! Back when she was in Chandigarh, Yami was a law student before she became a full time actor. She was pursuing law in the famous Punjab University in Chandigarh. When she moved to Mumbai, she could not continue the course, so she took up a correspondence graduation course in order to complete her education in law. That is some commitment! Incidentally, she isn’t the only actor to have been pursuing law before becoming an actor. Kareena Kapoor was a student of the honorable Government Law College, Mumbai prior to pursuing acting.



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