Top 10 Tips for Online Clothes Shopping



Thanks to the advancement in technology, online clothe shopping has made life easier if you are looking for convenience, variety and attractive cost. However, you need to remember that the Internet is massive and if you are not careful, you can easily get carried away, wasting your precious time and money. Frustration of traditional store shopping can be avoided with online shopping but make sure you are following these top 10 tips for a satisfactory online experience.

10. Check for customization

Checking whether or not the site of your choice offers customization option grabs the 10th spot on our list. Under this feature, once you have chosen a dress, you can get it altered to your size and get it delivered at your doorstep. There are various online clothing stores that boast of their customization feature that allows customers to get the perfect fit of a dress even if it is not available in their size. After all, who wouldn’t want to avoid the hassles of going to a tailor to get the dress altered? There is a minimal charge applied for the customization option which you can confirm through the customer care division.


9. Customer service

Customer service is also an important factor in making online shopping experience nicer. Therefore, our 9th tip is to find out customer service details about the site so that you are not in the dark in case of queries, refunds, exchange or delays in delivery. Reputed online stores offer 24/7 customer services so that you can call and enquire about your shipped products anytime you want. Since it can take 2 or more days to get the product delivered, top notch customer service becomes a necessity to keep a track. Once you have chosen a site of your choice, check the customer service or contact us page to find out whether or not they offer 24/7 non-stop customer care.


8. Follow your favourite brands

Following your favourite clothing brand on social networking sites will also help you in online shopping. Through these sites, you will not only get to keep a track of their new offerings and collections but also get to apply for their contests and avail discount coupons. Many brands offer special codes for customers that can be used for shopping their clothes from their websites. If you are brand loyal, it is better to shop for clothes directly from the brand’s website rather than opting for an online store that showcases various brands together.


7. Look for sale

7th tip would be to look for sales section for good deals when shopping online. Reputed shopping sites have a separate sales section in which some of their items are available at discounted rates. Some sites even offer special codes that you can use to get attractive deductions in the garment rates. Cash back sites and blogs also have special codes that you can check for before buying. Garment brands keep posting discounts and special codes for interested customers so; keep a check on their website.



6. Shipping rates

Shipping policies are equally important when making a purchase online. Some shopping sites offer free shipping of their items whereas some charge a certain amount depending on how many items you will be buying. Before you click the ‘Buy’ button, check for the shipping charges applicable on that site. For instance, on some sites, shipping charges are applicable if you buy just one item but in case you cross a certain limit of shopping no charges are applicable. Whether or not you have found a good deal online will depend on the total cost including shipping and cost of the garment.   


5. Return policy

Online shopping is a fun experience provided you follow the rules properly. Our 5th tip to make your online shopping experience better and safer is to check for the site’s return policy. No matter how cautious you are, you can end up buying clothes that you don’t want or that don’t fit you well. If the site from which you make a purchase doesn’t have a return policy, you will neither get money back nor will the item be exchanged. You can either go through their terms and conditions for return policy or call up their executives for detailed information before making a purchase.


4. Comparing rates

There are chances that the clothes chosen by you on one site are being sold at a different rate on other shopping sites. Therefore, the 4th spot goes to comparing rates of chosen products to avoid overpaying. You can also compare rates with your local retail store; however, remember to include extra costs of tax, custom, insurance and delivery to the total cost when buying online. Compare rates by fabric type and clothing quality on two three reputed shopping sites. It is advisable to stick to your favourite brands so that you are assured about the quality for which you are paying.


3. Measurement

The 3rd vital tip for online clothes shopping is to know your measurement because no matter how great the dress looks on the screen or how big the brand is, if it doesn’t fit you right, your time and money will be wasted. There is no set standard when it comes to clothing sizes. Different manufacturers have different guidelines and since you can’t try the item on, never make the mistake of buying clothes without knowing the right measurement. All online clothing stores have a size chart against each item, mentioning what measure stands for each size number. Double check these details before making a purchase.



2. Reading product description

Once you have chosen a good online store, reading the product description after finding a dress of your choice easily fits in the 2nd spot. Don’t be fooled by pictures on your screen because there are chances that a stunning looking dress might be made of a certain fabric that doesn’t suit you. A particular colour or design will look good on the model wearing the dress on your screen but will it look good on you too? So, always read the item description and use the zoom-in feature to take a better look at the front, back or sides of the clothing.



1. Choosing a genuine online store

Selecting a reputed online store grabs the top spot on our list because you wouldn’t want to be paying for something that looks totally different from what you saw on the Internet. In case of shopping from illegitimate sites, your product might take a long time to arrive or not get delivered to your doorstep at all. Look for sites with HTTPS as the URL which means it is secure. If you are confused, read fashion blogs and forums for suggestions about reputed online clothing stores are posted. Such sites offer secure payment options such as PayPal. You can also use your Debit or Credit Card to make a payment. Check out feedbacks of online stores on the Internet and look for sites with adequate contact details, exchange, return or refund policies.






These were some of the essential tips to consider when shopping for clothes from an online store. This form of shopping is more fun but don’t forget to follow these tips if you want to avoid wastage of your time and money.



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