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India is a hot bed of diversity and culture, with some of the grandest sights, sounds, tastes and more to offer anyone daring enough to explore its heritage. One of the biggest tourist industries finds its identity in India. There’s just so much to see and learn about a country that’s been around for a very long time and achieved even more in that time span. Check out the following top 10 tourist destinations in India.

10. Rajasthan

Its vast history and connections with Indian royalty in decades past has earned this city the title ‘Land of Royals’. The Maharajas and Rajput warriors who once lived here are still remembered in the several monuments and buildings that stand here to the day.As ancient and multi-cultural as Rajasthan is, it takes up tenth position on our list because apart from all the unique things you’re guaranteed to find here, something similar can be boasted in other old cities. However, grandeur is one thing that sets Rajasthan apart from the rest.Check out Jaipur, the grand capital, and the Palace of Udaipur. The awesome deserts of the Bikaner are a testament to both bareness and beauty. The blue Jaisalmer and the hill station of Mt Abu are yet other attractions.The palaces, forts and monuments in Rajasthan stand as reminders of India’s heritage all thanks to the preservation efforts of ASI. There are so many things to see and learn in Rajasthan that to visit means to know it all and more.

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9. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands

 Although they’re actually off the coast of India, these islands are very much a part of the country. Their stark beauty is naturally amazing and your eyes won’t always believe what they see. White sand and the blue ocean is given a whole new meaning here in the Andamans.The remoteness of the Andamans is the primary reason why we demoted it to ninth place. Other than that, this tourist attraction sure does impart a powerful magnetic pull to your senses. Check out remnants of British heritage here, like Port Blair and the infamous Cellular Jail there as well as the incredible World War II bunkers. Head on to Neil Island with its lush forests! Stand in awe at India’s only active volcano at the Barren Islands; you can see it smoking. You can’t leave these islands without experiencing scuba diving, snorkeling, surfing and other water-related activities and see the coral reefs through a glass-bottom boat at the one and only Jolly Buoy Island.

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8. Darjeeling

 Kashmir has some of the most memorable locations in India, one of which is called Visitor’s Paradise. Darjeeling is a more common name for this ‘paradise’ and what you can find in this charming city is beyond what words can convey.Not only is it abundant in natural beauty, something your camera will be privileged to capture, Darjeeling is also famed for its tea production, trekking and mountain climbing opportunities and one of the most breathtaking views of all, namely the Kanchenjunga which is the third highest peak in India.From antiquity to modernity, you can see a shifting balance of things here. This creates a consistency not often appreciable, allowing room for it to take the eighth place on this list. Mahakal Temple, the Buddhist monasteries, Tiger Hill, Singalila National Park and much more besides awaits the hungry explorer to come satiate themselves.

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7. Kodaikanal

 When you have a place titled the Princess of Hill Stations, you can rest assured that one of the most promising experiences awaits you here. Situated in the Palani hills of Tami Nadu, the visuals are stunning everywhere you turn.The chilly climate makes it ideal for vacationing all year round and you can enjoy boat rides, swimming, superb food, vast open tracts of plantations, hills and temples as old as time. Being such an oft-seen location in movies and also attracting large throngs of people in the holiday season, Kodai finds itself at number seven on our list.The star-shaped man-made Kodaikanal Lake has to be seen with your own eyes. Stroll through the Botanical Garden, Bryant Park and Coaker’s Walk. The Bear Shola waterfalls are a splendid sight, Shembaganur museum and Guna caves are major attractions in their own right and the Green Valley view is to die for.


6. Mumbai

 Also touted as the City of Dreams, you sure can see anything and everything of India here. There’s diversity, hundreds of different cuisine-types and too many shopping areas to count with any measure of certainty.Mumbai’s modernity has to be seen to be believed. Walking in this city is to taste all the things it has propagated: fashion, glamour, Bollywood and more. Try the Bhel Puri, Mumbai’s signature snack. While you’re bingeing, also try out Pav Bhaji, Vada Pao and Pani puri. Being one of the greatest cities in the world is no mean thing. It’s only the crowds and traffic that add to the downsides. As monuments and architectural wonders go, Mumbai offers a feast for the senses. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, the Taj Mahal Hotel and several more besides are worth taking time off to admire and explore.

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5. Sundarbans, West Bengal

 Known for possessing one of the largest Royal Bengal Tiger populations in India, the Sundarbans is credited with taking care of this much beloved endangered species. There’s a wide reserve for them you’ve got to take a safari through. The Sundarbans caters to all culture-hungry souls who come here to bask in what India is all about. Durga, the mother goddess, is the chief deity around these parts and appropriate festival days see a lot of pomp and display. However, it can get a little too traditional at times, the reason why it’s at number five. Check out the amazing museums and head on to the shopping district where you’ll be regaled with a small taste of India. The practices of the people here date back centuries and there’s a lot of signicance to why they do what they do.

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4. Munnar, Kerala

 As hill stations go, Munnar is one of the best. With its picturesque views and sensationally cool clime it’s one of the most visited in India. Having also very competent tea crop plantations, Munnar is known for this and more. Wildlife is a must-see here, from elephants to wild buffaloes and more besides. The food and accommodations are most welcoming and so are the hill-station lakes where boating becomes more of a leisure than anything else.What’s it doing so far down the list? Well, familiarity to other hill stations is the reason. You’re sure to find relaxation and peace in Munnar, no doubts there, and plenty of opportunities for fun and games.There are hiking spots to visit and many an ancient location to learn about too. The low cloud cover around the hill tops are beyond scenic and a walk through the chill air is one of the most memorable experiences here.

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3. Chennai, Tamil Nadu

 Whether it is ancient temples or great cuisine, you can find all this and more in Chennai. The Marina Beach is famous for having the longest shoreline in the world and the city life is amazing. There are superb shopping locations here in Chennai and it could take you days to delve into the sheer variety of the people hereabouts.Chennai is also known for its varied religions, something which is very interesting. Hinduism is more prominent than most, meaning plenty of temples and ancient ruins to check out inside and outside the city’s bounds. The heat and its position all the way down south render Chennai in third place.The infamous Elliott’s Beach has to be visited and so also the Guindy Snake Park and the Vandulur Zoo situated in the outskirts. Then there’s the newest attraction in Chennai, namely the ITC Grand Chola. It’s a 5-star luxury hotel and the first LEED-certified green hotel of its kind worldwide. From its architecture to overall beauty, it’s worth checking out.

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2. Agra, Uttar Pradesh

 Ever since the Taj Mahal was built, Agra has always been on the top of people’s to-see list. This eternal testimony of Shah Jahan’s love for Mumtaz also makes for a great honeymoon vacation. Besides this, Agra has a diverse populace. You can find people of every type here, adding to the culture’s variety.The Taj Mahal never ceases to attract people and Agra itself is an ancient city worth exploring. The fame it’s already been enjoying for decades is one reason why it’s at number two on our list.The food can get a bit spicy, but there’s the other side of the scale to savor which is not that hot but just as delicious. Shopping is a memorable thing here in Agra and there are plenty of ethnic memorabilia to take back as reminders.

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1. Goa

 Clearly, this is one of the best places to visit in the country. Not only is it famous for the beach scene but the parties are to die for. As far as Goan food goes, it’s incredibly good and the shopping stands up to par by modern standards.Goa hosts a stunning blend of both Indian and Portuguese culture, making for a very varied take on things. There are innumerable churches to visit here, some going back decades. Check out the Dona Paula and the BOM Jesus. Baga, Anjuna, Colva, Calungute… These are names of beaches not to be missed in Goa.The nightlife is one the best you can find in the country, so checking that out is sure to make it all worthwhile. This love for nocturnal parties and the sensational beauty of the beach is reason enough for Goa taking up the number one spot.

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These are the top 10 tourist destinations to check out in India. They’re each a major attraction and have the right it be considered individual representations of India herself. Whether you’re a foreigner or an Indian, you can’t hope to satisfy yourself concerning the country’s vast glories and tales. Her history, diversity and modernity all grow hand in hand and aim to leave a lasting impression on the very soul. This is the very heart behind the nation’s tourist industry.


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