Top 10 Types of Cousins We All Have

Top 10 Type of Cousins We All Have

Having cousin brothers and sisters is another level of entertainment. If you live in a very large family then definitely you must have different types of cousins whom you cannot forget for life. You can have ANTIQUE PIECES literally. You can’t help out because this is the truth and reality and you have to accept your cousins the way they are. So here are some types of cousins which you could relate to:

10. The Shy One

You can try many things and ways to talk to him but he is the one who is always shy and talk less. Both of you does not share a good bond as there is a communication gap between you and your cousin. He is really really SHY and does not prefer to utter a word from his mouth because this is the way he likes to be and you hate him for this! But the funniest thing about having a cousin like him is you can irritate him lot and he won’t say anything in return to you.
The Shy One

9. Your Hangout Buddy

He is your favorite because you can roam here and there with him anytime. Both of you are aware of each other’s choices and preferences so there is no formality between both of you relating to hanging out and other things. You can just chill with this cousin of yours and can have a memorable time with loads of fun and you be like to him “AAJ KI PARTY TERI TARAF SE”.
Your Hangout Buddy

8. The One Who Calls You Bhaiya/Didi

He is the cutest amongst all because the way he calls you bhaiya/didi you have an elderly feeling. He is the one whom you want to play with and especially pull his cheeks, though he is younger than you but still the cutest and the best amongst all. “HAN VO BAAT ALAG H JAB VO TANG KARTA HAI TO KYA ACHA KYA BURA”.

The One Who Calls You Bhaiya/Didi

7. The One You Have Never Met Before

Yes, he is the one you have never ever seen before and one fine day both of you are together and your parents are like “BETA BOMBAY VALI MASI KI NAND KA LADKA BUNTY HAI YE” and at that point of time, you are totally lost. You only have a formal relationship with this cousin and nothing more than that.

The One You Have Never Met Before

6. The Double Trouble One

This cousin can multiply your problems very fast and he is the one “JO TUMHARI LIFE KA RAHU KETU SHANI SAB HAI”. you can find him dangerous than a time bomb. Actually, the thing is he enjoys to see you in trouble and he is there to increase your problems only.
The Double Trouble One

5. The Topper One

Oh yes, he is the most dangerous person for you, just like a time bomb can explode anytime. You hate him/her a lot because for no reason your results are always compared to him and you feel like punching him.
The Topper One

4. The Best Buddy

This cousin is like soul mate to you because when you meet him/ her you totally feel complete and feel like “Chaddi Buddy”. He can make you feel light can make you laugh and can just make you so comfortable that you find him your carbon copy.
The Best Buddy

3. The Irritating One

Yes, you hate this cousin of yours because he is merely a headache for you.The moment you meet this cousin you feel like consulting a doctor because the amount of torture he gives is just next to impossible.All you can do is just hold your breath and ignore everything happening around and be like “SAB MOH MAYA HAI”.
The Irritating One

2. The Show Off One

This cousin is really like a headache because in short span of time he can make you count several of things which you are unaware of. He is a “CHALTA FIRTA PRICE TAG” or basically you can say “BRAND CONSCIOUS”.
The Show Off One

1. The Well Mannered One

Yes, of course, you hate this cousin of ours because he is the reason behind our parents scolding. You always get to hear ‘SONU SE SIKH IIT MAI ADMISSION MIL GAYA HAI USEY’ though he/she is your cousin the truth is you hate him a lot.
The Well Mannered One


So these were some kinds of cousins you must definitely have. Some of them you like and some you don’t, but at last, you have very good memories with each of them.because they are family at last. You hate some of your cousins and you love some of your cousins a lot “BAKI TO JAISI JISKI SOCH”.

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