Top 10 Types of Mothers We All Have


Mothers are the gift of God to us, we don’t get them by choice. Different types of children have different types of mom’s. Having a mother is more than a blessing to one. A mother and child relationship is always the best and different one just like salt and sugar “Thoda Khatta Thoda Meetha”. So here are some types of mothers we all have.

10. Papa Se Permission Lo Vali Maa
This mom never gives us permission for anything, she only has one answer to every question “Beta mujhe nahi pata jake papa se puchlo” neither she denies nor she allows because this is the way she is, she always asks us to convince dad on our own because we ask us to do so she has only one thing to say “Tu to permission lelega par mujhe duniya bhar ki dant sunni padegi”.

9. The Religious One
She is the “Dharam ki devi” in the house. No one can argue her over religious things. She is always dedicated towards her “Pooja and Path”. Her day starts with taking a bath and doing her “Pooja” and she also expects us to do the same. “Nahae bina khana nahi milega is the thing we are used to hear everyday”.

8. The Dhamki Dene Vali Mom
She always acts in a threatening way and threats us for every small thing. “Tujhe to mai hostel mai bhej dungi” is her pet dialogue. She is like the strict teacher who always says us “Ki marks kam aaye na to parents ko leke aana saath”. She sometimes sounds funny announcing her threats and we also laugh at her, but the truth is we are also scared of her threats and follow the orders she gives.

7. Safai Se Pyar Karne Vali Maa
It is one of the toughest jobs to keep everything dirty and stay dirty when we have “Safai se pyaar karne vaali maa”. These moms are always found with a dusting cloth in her hand and are dedicated towards her “Safai”. The moment we make the room dirty that particular moment we are almost dead because moms won’t allow us to make the floor dirty “Kyunki unke according to unhone abhi sara ghar saaf kiya tha aur humne vo ganda kar dia”.

6. The Cool Dude One
These kinds of moms are like a dream come true. She has no problem with our “night out’s, “night parties”, “Ghar pe late aana” and “Kabhi Kabhi tuition bunk marna”. She is okay with everything and moreover, she is a savior and saves us from dad’s scolding too. These moms scold us love us but in a cool way. “Kyunki unka to style hi alag hai”.

5. The Superstitious One
We cannot understand the logic of these mom’s behind everything. They have weird logic for everything and what we have is to keep our mouth shut. “Thursday ko sar dhona ghar mai mana hai”, “Glass tod dia to pakka kuch galat hoga” and “Sunday k alava non-veg nahi kha sakte” These things annoy is sometimes but mom’s being mom’s don’t let us do any of these things. “Praan jaye par ye rules na toode jaye”

4. Mom That Doubts On Us
Yes, no matter what happens she always has a doubt on use. “Shak ki nazro se dekhna unki aadat hai”. According to them, we are always hiding something from them and they are always on their ‘SHERLOCK MODE’. She always tries to peeps on our mobile phones and the most annoying thing is she has the numbers of all our group friends.

3. The Best Friend Mom
These kind of moms are no less than a best friend. She is always there to listen our silly jokes and handle all the stupid things. She handles all the things just like our best friend and has a perfect solution to every problem. Chit chat with these mom’ s on our stupid things and behavior that happens in the classroom is very often. “Mumma pata hai aaj maine bunty ka bag jake washroom mai chupa dia”.

2. The Overprotective Mom
Although every mom is protective of her child this mom is overprotective for her child. She is always tensed for us and cannot see us in trouble. “Thoda sa sar dard hone pe bhi pareshan ho jati hai ye mummies”. These things when happen looks very cute and these mothers are actually very cute and express their feelings in an overprotective way.

1. The Strict One
Mother’s are meant to be strict by nature, but some mothers are over strict and their anger is uncontrollable. These mothers lay down some rules and regulations (Late night parties not allowed, ladko se baat karna not allowed) and of course, we have to follow them otherwise “Unse bura aur koi nahi”.
The Strict Mom
So these were different types of mom’s we have. She is sweet, she is bitter and sometimes angry too. But the truth is every mom loves her child so much. No matter how much strict and rude she is sometimes but at last, she cares for us a lot and never shows this thing to us. Kyunki maa bina zindagi aadhuri hai!

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