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The biggest, the most damaging and the most destructive war in history led to the loss of life across the world as all the principal military powers in the world went toe to toe with one another in a war that lasted 6 years. The World War 2 is still a bitter memory for both the victors and the ones who had to surrender for different reasons, however in spite of the fact that a lot has been written about the war over the years there are certain aspects which are not as well-known as the others. This article presents to you 10 such facts about the World War 2.

10. More than 80 Million People Dies in WW 2

At the time of the World War 1, people called it the ‘war to end all wars’ but the Second World War proved them wrong quite spectacularly as an estimated total of more than 80 million people died in the deluge of destruction that took place for six years between 1939 and 1945. In addition to the fact that, the numbers of countries involved in the war were more than what they were in World War 1, it is also important to point out that far more sophisticated weapons and warfare tactics came into operation by this time, which perhaps explains that terrifying figure.

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9. The Germans Used Prostitutes to Gather Information

Since time immemorial women were used as a decoy as part of the espionage machinery of most countries but the Germans took it to a new level during World War 2 by training prostitutes in SS operated brothels the skills of getting information from diplomats of other countries. The Germans ran the ‘Kitty Salon’, which was a brothel frequented by top level diplomats and the prostitutes were trained to get hold of any information that they possibly could. Perhaps it sounds like a tactic straight out of a Hollywood movie but it is true.

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8. Germany Manufactured The Most Destructive Gun Among All the Nations

For large parts of the duration of the Second World War, the Germans seemed to be the ones who would end up on the victorious side and one of the biggest reasons for that was the fact that their engineers were able to produce such powerful weapons to which the opposition did not have an answer. The German gun maker Karl Becker manufactured a gun that could shoot shells to distance of more than 2 miles and the shells were also enormous in size that could destroy a house at one go.

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7. Russia Had the Biggest Army

There is absolutely no doubt in anybody’s mind that manpower plays a hugely important role in a war of the scale of the World War 2 and in that regard the Allied forces were helped by the enormous Red Army of the Soviet Union that made sure that they the Germans were outnumbered wherever they went towards the end of the war. The total number of soldiers in the Red Army who fought in the Second World War was roughly 5 million and to this day it remains the largest standing army in the world. The soldiers in  the Red Army were responsible for the superiority that the allied forces held over the axis forces on land.

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6. World War 2 Witnessed Astonishing Amount of Bombing By the Allied Forces

The Allied forces led by UK, US, Russia, France and others were relentless in their bomb attacks throughout the duration of the Second World War but it was only at the latter stages that the relentless bombings bore fruit. You will be surprised to know that over the period of 6 years between 1939 and 1945, the allied forces used bombs to the tune of 3.5 million tonnes. If it is taken on a month by month basis then it would come to roughly around 27000 tonnes.

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5. The War Could Have Ended in 1941

It is indeed hard to come to terms with the fact that the WW 2 could have been ended 4 years earlier than when it actually ended, however it is also important to point out that the entire peace process initiated by Germany was a bizarre one. Rudolph Hess, the man who was known to be the closest to Adolf Hitler went to the UK and proposed peace; however the British representatives were under the impression that he had gone insane and that is something that cannot be dismissed entirely since he came to the UK on his own. Hess was imprisoned immediately.

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4. The Atomic Bomb Dropped on Hiroshima Was Code Named Little Boy

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on 6th August, 1945 was perhaps the deadliest bomb attack in the history of the world that led to the deaths of more than a 100,000 civilians within a day and effectively brought the World War to a close. However, it is indeed interesting that a bomb that caused so much mayhem and destruction was code named the Little Boy by the US Army. The irony of the code name is difficult to miss and perhaps remains the most ironic code name in history.

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3. President Roosevelt Borrowed Al Capone’s Car for Sometime

Bulletproof cars might be commonplace nowadays but back in the day of the Second World War those were rare and indeed it is now unthinkable that the US President of the time Franklin Roosevelt did not have a bulletproof car of his own. However, on the day on which the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour, the US secret service had to think on its feet and fortunately they took the bulletproof limousine that belonged to prohibition era gangster Al Capone. It must have been the only time that the US President travelled in a car that belonged to a gangster.

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2. Rolls Royce Developed the Engines for the British Air Force

Rolls Royce is arguably the best car in the world and has remained so for more than a century, however something that is often not given as much importance is its contribution towards the war effort by building one of the best air craft engines in the world at the time for the British Air Force. The name of the engine was Merlin and in fact it is often said that the aircrafts powered by the Merlin were responsible for the way in which the allied forces fought back the unforgiving assault of the German Luftwaffe.

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1. Japan and Russia Are Yet to Sign a Peace Treaty

At number 1 is the remarkable and rather bizarre fact that Japan and Russia or Soviet Union are still technically at war since they have not yet signed a peace treaty that officially declares the end of hostilities. Although it is true that the two countries started out as allies, Japan later fell out with the Russians and the two countries were at war, however even though Japan surrendered, curiously the 2 countries never signed a peace treaty.

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Hopefully you enjoyed this list of insightful, bizarre and interesting facts about the World War two (WW 2) which is considered as one of the bloodiest wars in history. Please feel free to share your views in the comments section below.


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