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Not for nothing is India described as Incredible India!  The undulating hills and valleys offer such spectacular views that you don’t want your stay there to end any time soon!  From north to south and east to west, India is blessed with many a ridge line.  Here is a list of the top 10 valleys that you must visit….

10. Ketti Valley

Located in the Nilgiri mountain ranges of the southern state of Tamil Nadu, Ketti Valley is considered to be the second largest valley in the world. You should not miss it, if you are anywhere close.  The popular hill resort, Ooty is in the vicinity.  The spectacular view of the “Blue Mountains” (Nilgiris), the rich greenery all around and the beautiful flora of the area, are bound to capture your imagination.  You can plan your visit any time of the year, as it is blessed with salubrious climate throughout.  But, if you want to avoid the tourist season, then avoid summers and select other months!  The popularity of the Valley is what guarantees its place among the top 10 valleys in the country!


9. Yumthang Valley

This breathtakingly beautiful valley is located in North Sikkim, just 150 Kms. from the state capital, Gangtok. The Valley is covered with exotic flowers like iris, rhododendrons, poppies and primulas, to name a few. Infact, you can find over twenty-four species of rhododendrons in the Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary located here.  Plan a visit to this Valley in the summer months as it is closed from December to March because of heavy snowfall.  In summers, however, you will be greeted with lush greenery and flowers in various shades and colors.  So, come armed with your camera and enjoy the scenic beauty of this place.


8. Spiti Valley

The world famous Spiti Valley is located in the rugged Himalayan mountain ranges in Himachal Pradesh. It is generally referred to as Little Tibet because of the rich influence of Buddhist Culture.  Home to some of the oldest monasteries in the world, Tabo Monastery and Ki Monastery, Spiti Valley gives you a heady mixture of spirituality, natural beauty and adventure all rolled into one.  As it is in the higher reaches of the Himalayas, it is ideal to visit Spiti Valley during the months of April and October, when you can truly enjoy the beauty of the Valley.


7. Dibang Valley

Located in the North-Eastern state of Arunachal Pradesh, Dibang Valley, gets its name from the Dibang River which flows through it. The Valley is divided into the Upper and Lower halves.  If you are planning a visit here, do plan your trip to the lower half, as that is the most beautiful one.  The lower half of the valley has breathtaking flora, with exotic flowers and plants.  The valley has some rare species of birds like the Sclater’s Monal, mammals like Red Goral, Mishmi Takin, and the recently discovered flying squirrel.  So, if you are a nature enthusiast, then make sure to visit this beautiful Valley.


6. Zanskar Valley

One of the most remote Valleys of India, Zanskar Valley is located in the Ladakh district of Jammu and Kashmir. The Valley features in the top 10 Valleys list, because of its rugged charm and beauty.  Nestled among the majestic Himalayas, a visit to Zanskar valley is once in a lifetime experience!  The Zanskar River from which the Valley gets its name is ideal for adventure sports activities like river-rafting. The flora and fauna of the Valley only add to the attraction.  So, if you want to get away from it all, and try out some adventure activities like hiking and camping then Zanskar Valley is where you should head!


5. Silent Valley

Located in the Nilgiri Hills area in Kerala, Silent Valley is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state. The Silent Valley has been converted into a National Park, to conserve the wide variety of flora and fauna found in this region.  The Lion-tailed Macaque, an endangered primate is found in this region.  This tranquil Valley remains evergreen throughout the year owing to the rich rainforests in this belt.  So, you are not restricted by any season to visit this place.  If you want to be one with Nature and contemplate life’s issues in some solitude, then Silent Valley should be your choice!


4. Dzukou Valley

The name may seem like a tongue-twister, but the beauty of the valley is surely a wondrous sight!  Located in the North-Eastern state of Nagaland, the pristine beauty of Dzukou Valley seems almost ethereal and untouched!  No wonder it is among the top Valleys of India.  Roughly translated Dzukou means ‘Cold Water’ referring to the icy cold water-streams that flow down the valley from the snowy mountain tops.  When you visit it in spring, be ready to be taken in by the breathtaking view of the myriad flowers and plants, especially the Dzukou Lily, which is endemic to the valley.  The best time to visit is between June and September when you will be greeted by a sea of flowers on the Valley-bed!


3. Valley of Flowers

Located in the state of Uttarakhand, the Valley gets its name from the exotic variety of flowers and plants found in this area. The Valley nestled amidst the picturesque Himalayas is a sight for sore eyes!  If you are planning a visit there, make sure to visit in spring, when you can see the whole valley with its myriad flowers in a whole array of colors and hues.  The Valley is also famous for its rare animals like the blue sheep, the Asiatic black bear and snow leopard.  The Valley is a National Park now, and in fact has been declared to be one among the World Network of Biosphere Reserves by UNESCO.  The extraordinary beauty of the place is what makes Valley of Flowers, the third best valley in India.


2. Kangra Valley

Kangra valley, in Himachal Pradesh is on par with the Kashmir Valley in its abundance of natural beauty. The bubbling streams with crystal clear water, the pine forests, the slated houses, rolling tea plantations and the thick green foliage with the snow-clad Dhauladhar mountain ranges in the background are absolutely picture-perfect!  While touring the valley you can also plan a trip to Dharmasala, the famous retreat of His Holiness Dalai Lama.  Also, visit the beautiful hill stations- Dalhousie, Palampur and the religious Kangra Valley Temple.  The beauty of Kangra Valley will surely enthrall you, so make the most of it!


1. Kashmir Valley

The spectacular beauty of Kashmir Valley has the power to transform Emperors to poets! The immortal lines of “If there’s heaven on Earth, it is here, it is here, it is here” are attributed to Emperor Jahangir, who described the Valley’s beauty in rapturous admiration!  The capital city Srinagar with the world-famous Dal Lake, the enchanting Gulmarg, picturesque Pehalgam, and the holy Amarnath are all located in the Valley, offering breathtaking views.  Be it summer when the valley is filled with colorful flowers or winters when the snow transforms it into a pristine white carpet, Kashmir Valley, is crowned the Queen among Valleys and is one place you wouldn’t want to miss for anything in the world!



India is a beautiful land of contrasts-from the snowy Himalayas to the evergreen rainforests of Western Ghats.  For an avid traveler the choice of places is boundless, and you can only hope to make a beginning somewhere…take the help of this list and go holidaying! 670x293


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