Top 10 Ways to Boost Your Metabolism



Ever wondered why your friend can go through a pint of a double cheese pizza without gaining a pound and even a slice goes straight to your tummy? This all lies in the metabolism which is like a ‘little angel’ in your body that helps in burning calories all day and every day. But, the angel is not same for everybody. Just like every person is not good, the metabolism angel is not always good .It may sometimes turn bad, especially when you start aging and when your frame increases. Some things that can help you in stoking your potential to burn calories have been described below. Let’s say follow these tips to heat up your internal fame that can help you burn fat that appears externally.

10. Opt for change rather than doing the same thing every day

As we move to the end, let’s take a quick look at the last but certainly not the least pick of the list. ‘Opt for change’, this doesn’t mean that do it every day, but yes if you take long walks for five days in a  week, change it to running on the weekend. Use your body’s’ amazing ability of adapting and quickly adjusting to change, leave it guessing for what’s next and see the miracle that upturns. This will not just help your metabolism angel stay high on energy but would also save you from entering the boredom zone. You can even go in for HIIT aka High Intensity Interval Training that is ideally described to the best method of boosting metabolism.

Opt for change rather than doing the same thing every day

9. Staying active is very important, so keep moving

Adopting hobbies that involve physical activity can help in speeding up your metabolism. Your metabolic angel gets slower if you do not give it enough physical workout. So indulge in activities like climbing stairs instead of using lifts, gardening and standing while talking on phone to keep your angel inside active. Also, park your car away from entrances and include at least one form of exercise in your daily routine. Just doing such small things will bring in big changes in your body’s metabolic rate and you will be more than happy to see this.

Staying active is very important, so keep moving

8. Doing little changes can do huge good

When planning your diet chart make sure to include foods that can help in adding to your metabolism. Just one such is the kiwi fruit which being high in vitamin C will help in burning fat up to 39% more than normal. Next is Chromium, which you can easily get from tomatoes and as supplements. Meat, green pepper, eggs, banana, apples and spinach can do the needful. Also, adding calcium to your diet which you can easily get from no fat cheese, yogurt and milk can turn out to be an excellent add-on whose results will be no less than surprising for keeping your metabolic angel going.

Doing little changes can do huge good715x310

7. Spice things up it will add to your body’s metabolism greatly

It’s been proved that certain spices help in raising your body’s metabolic rate. In fact a study in U.S. clearly read that including cinnamon in your diet can help in elevating your metabolism almost twenty times. Isn’t this amazing? So, don’t start adding cinnamon to just everything you eat, just ¼ tsp to 1 tsp every day is more than enough. Also, you must consider adding jalapenos or few hot peppers to your meals which will help in making your stomach feel full in unison adding to your metabolic rate. It may not seem much visible, but making just small shifts in your eating habits may create a major effect on your metabolism and finally your weight loss plans.

Spice things up it will add to your body’s metabolism greatly

6. Six small meals can do ample good to your metabolism

Eating smaller more frequent meals is much better than eating three large meals. This habit will help in elevating your body’s metabolic rate and it may sound strange but eating frequently can help in keeping up your metabolism while helping you lose weight. Of course gorging on just anything that comes in front just because you ate three hours back is not needed. In fact opt for food that is healthy, satiety and low in fat to keep your metabolic angel high on energy which will finally help you feel the same.

Six small meals can do ample good to your metabolism

5. Make cardio your friend to give your metabolism angel a boost

Doing cardio is like doing the best thing for your metabolism, this improves definition while helping you experience increased metabolism and getting the slimming effect you’ve long been wanting. Cardio exercises also lead to an ‘after burn effect’ which is somewhat similar to an aftermath, but in the positive sense. This will lead to more calories and fat getting burned for maybe the full day or even the next two days. Cardio is to get that toning effect for your body and to create that blasting effect on your calories and finally your ugly tiers. We know it’s easy to say and hard to do, but if done regularly, just get ready to get remarkable results.

Make cardio your friend to give your metabolism angel a boost

4. Stop running away from food it will do no good

Crash diets are just myths they might lead to initial weight loss, but that is just the muscles mass you are losing and not actual fat. So, forget the idea of starving yourself, it will bring out nothing. Breakfast is not just the only meal, but for your metabolism to work best you need to gulp few small meals every few hours. Eating smaller meals encourages your metabolism angel to keep going. It’s best to find out how much your body needs which depends on your daily activity, lifestyle and weight. After knowing this you can cut a decent amount to save your body from moving into the starvation mode which will just slow down the metabolism rather than revving it up.

Stop running away from food it will do no good

3. Drink water and lose weight

Wondering how just drinking water will lead to metabolism increase? It would and why not? Let’s see what our next pick on the list has to say. Don’t read it again and again; it’s an accepted truth that the body requires water to burn calories. So, even if you are dehydrated mildly your ‘metabolism angel’ will start feeling lethargic. It’s a proven fact that you burn more calories if you drink more water every day. Drinking water or any beverages that are sugarfree before meals will not just add to your metabolism, but will also make you feel sated thus saving you from munching on that extra food. Also, if feeling hunger prangs in between meals pick a fruit or eat that healthy carrot laden with water, rather than those calorie loaded fries and chips.

Drink water and lose weight715x310

2. To boost metabolism build muscles

Our second most popular pick of the list that can help in boosting your inner flame is concentrate on building muscles. Are you aware you body burns calories even when you are sleeping or doing nothing? Some people burn more calories while resting when compared to others, this is because these people have more muscles. Do you know that every pound of muscle in your body burns 6 calories everyday while each pound of fat burns just 2 calories daily? Noted the difference? So, if you wish to add to your metabolism, build muscles and go for weight training and also pile on proteins for this is what that constitutes the ‘mighty muscles’ in our body. Guys muscle gain is equivalent to metabolism increase. So, we believe that you now understand this relation and will do every bit to maintain this balance.

To boost metabolism build muscles715x310

1. Don’t skip breakfast

The top pick of our list is eat breakfast, but eat it in the right manner. Skipping this important meal of the day would just push you towards obesity and will not do any good. In fact eating breakfast is ‘THE’ most important thing you must do if you wish to boost your metabolism. You may have heard ‘breakfast like a king, lunch like a price and dine like a paupe’. Guys this is not just a saying but a reality, especially where your metabolism is concerned. It’s been proved that people who eat breakfast lose weight faster than ones who does not. Breakfast means “break-fast” which our body has been following since you finished having dinner. As you sleep your metabolism slows down, so just to rev it up again you need to feed this ‘little metabolism angel’ with your portion of breakfast. So, don’t give up on this practice if you really wish to see a metabolism increase.

Don’t skip breakfast715x310


In the end You need to understand that there is no magic solution to boosting your metabolism; it’s just you who can accomplish it by making small changes in your habits and diet and then sticking with them.You body is designed in a way to burn calories naturally but the entry of some bad habits in your life can stop this from happening. So, leave the bad and opt for the good to fix the damage done.


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