Top 10 Ways to Stick to a Healthy Diet



As much as we all want to be fit, we find it extremely difficult to stick to a healthy diet. Reasons could vary from lack of motivation to a hectic schedule. Here are the top 10 ways to help you follow a diet that is healthy for you.

10. Start out with little changes

The last, yet not the least important, way is to make small changes in your daily routine. You have set out a goal for yourself, planned out every little detail and even started working towards it. Change the size of the plates to a smaller one which will make your helping seem large. Relish your food and eat it slowly as your brain needs time to register when you’re full. When you feel hungry, drink a glass of water first for it could be that your body is dehydrated and confused. And most importantly, enjoy the food and snacks you have. It’s eventually these little things that you help you stay on track.

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9. Celebrate little successes

Celebrate every milestone. A week long of abstinence from cookies, cakes, wafers and everything else unhealthy is something to celebrate. Of course, your aim is far from accomplished, but you have made it this far without fail, right? So, you will reach your goals too. However, for the present, revel in the moment. Even if you did slip on any occasion, don’t beat your for it; instead try and make up. It’s every milestone that will help you achieve the goals that you have set for yourself.

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8. Find foods that you like

Healthy food does not mean eating things that you don’t like or enjoy. You just need to be more watchful and selective about what you eat and not turn a deaf ear to your taste buds. You could continue eating the same things with a healthy twist to them. Experiment with recipes, watch the number of calories you consume and make healthy choices while shopping. Bake or steam instead of frying and eat the sinful and fattening food only once in fifteen days. Opt for skimmed milk, multigrain bread or low fat mince and reduce your intake of sugar, alcohol, cheese, butter and other similar products.

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7. Get a resolution buddy or partner

May be your partner, friend or sibling wants to get on to a healthy diet as well. You could make them your resolution buddy and share your goals. Plan your meals and go shopping together. With a buddy sharing the same goals, you would feel more accountable to that person. This will also work as a deterrent when you about to succumb to a temptation. Moreover, having someone to share your goals also brings in help and support when you need it the most as that person is working with you on achieving them together.

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6. Keep yourself motivated

If your aim is to lose weight, keep a picture in your mind of how you’d want to look. You could put up posters around or even write yourself a congratulatory message on completing a week without falling to any temptations. Put these in places where you’d need it the most, like the refrigerator, wardrobe or the kitchen. They will come handy on those blue days when you feel like indulging in a big piece of cake or skipping your workout session. After a good and healthy week, reward yourself with a good book, a nice music CD or even a chocolate ice-cream. These little things go a long way in keeping you motivated.

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5. Ensure you eat at least three meals in a day

Being on a healthy diet does not mean starving yourself. Doing that would only result in you getting weaker along with your resolution of sticking to healthy food. Cutting out meals would make you feel sluggish, tired and hungry, which will result in loss of motivation. For breakfast, opt for oats or porridge that will keep you full for longer. Have a wholesome and balanced lunch and eat your dinner early so that you don’t binge on the wrong food. A full stomach will prevent you from unhealthy snacking, helping you stay on track.


4. Plan your meals for the week

Weekdays are hectic and often the days when we succumb to unhealthy food due to lack of options. This is why it is important to make a meal plan for the coming week every weekend. If it’s a Sunday morning that you dedicate to grocery shopping, make sure your meal plan for the next week is ready by Saturday evening. Once that’s done, make a shopping list of the things you’ll need and fill your pantry with those. Do add healthy snacks like yoghurt, fruits and cereal bars to your list for late night or in-between meal cravings.

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3. Get rid of everything tempting

Temptations would steer you away from your goals; therefore, getting rid of all things tempting and sinful is the next best way to stick to a healthy diet. Once you know what exactly you want with a healthy diet and how you plan to achieve it, get rid of everything tempting. Be it your kitchen rack, refrigerator, bedside drawer or a secret cabinet, hunt down all the fried snacks, soda cans and other unhealthy items and get rid of them. These things would tempt you into abandoning your new healthy diet, luring you into eating them even before you realize it. Hence, it’s best to either put them away or give it to someone.

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2. Create a plan or a schedule

Now that you know what you want to achieve, the second task in line is how to achieve it. For this you need to make a plan, a realistic one. You have decided that you will work out for at least an hour every day; however, when would it be needs to be planned too. This is where your schedule comes into the picture. Plan when you can take out time for doing the activities you’ve stated in your goal. Create a schedule for at least three weeks to allow your body to adapt to it. Once you become accustomed to the new routine, it will be easier for you to stick to your new eating habit.

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1. Set your goals

Every big project needs to start with the goals you expect to achieve with its completion, which is why this is the first and the most important step to stick to a healthy diet. Before you start on your quest of a healthy diet, take time out and write down precisely what you are setting out for. Jot down what exactly you are aiming for along with a realistic time frame. Don’t be too harsh on yourself as it will make it even more difficult to stick to. Give yourself a goal such as exercising every day or opting for healthy snacks. Also, state what you’d do once you accomplish your goal. This will act as a motivating factor as you go on a healthy diet.

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Sticking to a healthy diet is not an impossible task and a little planning with some will power can help you do it. So, go on and prepare yourself for a healthier you!


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