Top 10 ways to deal with peer pressure among teens


We human beings have our own set of values and principles. But there are people who are easily swayed by the behavior and influence of others. Honestly, that is too harmful to one’s life because it compels you to change your mental disposition. This particular scenario can be described as peer pressure. At times it puts you in an uncomfortable position when you are actually baffled and does not know which way to go. Therefore today from the top10 review we are here to solve your dilemma by telling you the top 10 ways to deal with peer pressure among teens.

10. Stay away from uncomfortable zones:

Suppose you learned from your friend’s conversation that is they are up to a night party. And you don’t want to be a part of it seriously because that is not allowed at your home. Then just don’t hesitate and let them know that you have some other plan to follow. And you won’t be available for the same. 

9. Learn to say no:

People who have a problem in saying no are the easiest victims of peer pressure. Actually, they are always in the mood to impress someone or the other. Else you can say they are never prepared to hurt anyone. But the fact is if you don’t want to be a part of peer pressure for the rest of the school or college days then simply say no. Make sure that you are sound and clear about your thought. And do say that by looking into the eyes directly.

8. Try to come up with an excuse:

Sometimes peer pressure is so intense that you cannot avoid that directly. But yes one idea can save you always is finding an excuse. And this is basically tough for a person who is introvert by nature. Most importantly, saying directly sometimes portrays you as an ill-mannered person. Therefore you can concoct an excuse like you have somewhere to go or something to do.

7. Try to decide on your own:

 Many of you are so confused every time that you are easily swayed by the external influence. You dont need to be attentive to outside gossips; instead, you should do things which make you happy from inside. Remember life is one and you cannot afford a single day to lose it actually. One more thing you should never make any kind of decision which is believed by someone else. Try to formulate things which are specifically your own.

6. Grow confidence:

 Confident people are less bothered by peer pressure. It does not matter to them what others actually tell them. Most importantly they are not a confused soul. And this is what you should develop seriously. Once you have that confidence you will never find yourself in the loop of peer pressure. 

5.  Always seek for the positive company:

Negative companions are always in a mood to create stress among friends. Therefore once you are aware of the person’s vibe whether it’s positive or negative you can comprehend what you have to do. So while choosing friends to make sure that they are considerate and caring towards you. 

4. Write down about you think:

At times you are so much occupied with your thoughts, which you find it difficult to deal with the peer pressure. But the best way is to write down what you actually think because this will melt away all the griefs that you hold in your heart. Just write down anything anytime when you face such problem due to peer pressure. 

3. Talk with elders:

 Elders who are mature enough can guide you through. Whenever you are in such a dilemma like a peer pressure, don’t hesitate to call up an elderly adult. The person can be anyone like your teacher or any relative. 

2. Think before you respond:

People who are impulsive actually get more disturbed with peer pressure. They are more tending to respond instantly without thinking about the impact. But that should not be the situation. You need to think about the matter more seriously before responding. In a simple way think for five minutes before responding. 

  1. Find engagement:

The last but the vital thing that you can involve in your life is to find engagement. Do not waste your time thinking about insignificant things which actually you face from peer pressure. Just let them go by engaging in particular hobbies which you like. This over time will help you grow self-esteem as well. 

Thus, these are top 10 ways to deal with peer pressure. 

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