Top 10 Winter Makeup Tips for Women in India



Many of us simply enjoy the cool days of winter for it is the ideal season to flaunt our make-up skills without the dread of sweltering sun and its harsh rays. However, not many of us are able to distinguish between summer make-up and winter-make up because of which many women remain to look the same, nevertheless the season. It is important to note that our choice for make-up must change with the season and temperature.Here are the top ten most do-able make-up tips for the cold and chilly winter approaching ahead.

10. Curly or wavy hair

The last step is to attain the right wintery look for your hair. Wild, well-crimped or frizzy hair is the ideal look for this season. The wavy and messy hair though looks wild and uneven,nevertheless, looks sexy during winter. This is the ideal look for your hair during winter especially if you don’t want to tie down your hair with a band or a clutcher. Begin by washing your hair with a moisture based shampoo and then blow-drying them for the wavy and bouncy look. If your hair is too plain or silky, add a few drops of volumizing mousse on to your scalp so as to add bounce and frizz.


9. Gently remove the make-up

In winter, since you are coating your skin with layers of cream based foundation and cream, your skin is already doing the needful to keep it away from dryness, cracks and other outcomes of the season. So, lend a helping hand to your precious skin by removing the applied make-up with a gentle make-up remover or a cleanser. Make it count, if you don’t pay attention to this step, you will end up with opened pores, excessive oil and acne spots on your skin. It is also recommended to use a separate eye-makeup remover to remove the colours you have used to highlight your eyes.


8. Blush, blush, blush

Believe it or not, a dash of blush on your chilly cheeks can enliven your look and transform your pale white look into a healthy appeal. Going by the experts, blush adds colour on your face and freshens it up. Cream blushes with moisturising formulas are good options for dry skin and combination skin. On the other hand, powder based blushes are good options for oily skin as they tenderly add colour to your cheeks without burdening much on the skin. You can also use light shades for blush, especially rosy pink, peach, warm sand etc. However, remember, bronze is out and would look dull during chilly winter.


7. Highlight your eyes

Ladies, winter is the ideal time to experiment with various shades and hues. So, get hold of some of the starkest colours like burgundies, plums, chocolate browns, greys and reds and colour your eyes to your delight. However, if your complexion is pale, dark coloured eye shadows can look disastrous on your skin, instead pastel colours should be your right pick. Next, your mascara and eye liner must be waterproof to keep them away from smudging due to rains or changes in indoor and outdoor temperatures. Try experimenting with colours in your eyeliners with green, blue or brown. Water-resistant eye pencils in black are also good and can used on daily basis for attaining well defined eyes.


6. Go bold and beautiful

During winter, dare to take a break from neutral or natural shades that you use during summer. Instead, play with colours in your make-up and achieve the dramatic look. Since there is no fear of your make-up being washed away with your sweat, winter is the time to bring in stark hues in your make-up regime. Smokey eyes, hot pink and stark red shades for lips are ideal to render bold and dramatic look for the winter. Choose strong colours for your eyes as this is the ideal time to add variety of bold colours in your looks. However, make sure to avoid the over-use of colours in your skin lest you achieve an over-dramatic look.



5. Pamper your nails

In winter, the nails tend to become more brittle and hence can easily break if subjected to even slightest of bumps. Many women even complain of chipped and cracked nails as soon as the winter begins. So, to avoid such blunders, it is important to keep your finger nails as well as toe nails well moisturised. Massage a drop of lotion onto your nails after washing your hands. If the problem of cracked or chipped nails is extreme, then it is better to apply cuticle or nail oil, instead of the regular cream, to keep them well-nourished and healthy.


4. Keep hands and feet well moisturised

It is a common observation that women tend to splurge oodles in keeping their face well moisturised, healthy and beautiful. Theytend to ignore their other precious assets, especially their hands and feet and hence do not follow any replenishment regime for them. As a result, women start complaining about cracked heels and dry hands. To avoid these disasters, it is ideal to lightly massage your hands and feet with a milk lotion or a moisturising lotion during winter mornings. Creams and lotions can also be replaced with olive oil or jojoba oil to well nourish your hands and feet.


3. Heal your lips

Next, remember that cracked and dry lips can be literally disastrous for your looks!Make it count that your lips are your assets and you must do all the needful to keep them well protected and healthy. So, the third most important tip is to protect your lips. If they remain dry most of the time, use a coloured lip balm and give a skip to your glossy lipsticks. Just make sure that the balm is also rich in SPF value so that it keeps your lips nourished and protected from the damages of sorts. Lip shades with moisturizing formula are also good options for your precious assets for the chilly winter. If your lips do not get much dry, then consider yourself lucky as you have the freedom to experiment with dark wintery shades like red, peach and cherry.


2. Prime your skin

The second tip is to use a rich textured foundation as a primer or base to your skin, especially in winter. The foundation must be ideally dabbed around areas that are uneven or have blemishes, especially around cheeks, on the nose and under the eyes. It is strongly recommended to use a foundation solution that is rich in SPF value so as to offer constant protection against sun. Not many of us know that our skin turns paler during the chilly days. Keeping the skin well layered with a good foundation base keeps it even, livelier and whiter. One can use powder based foundation on the skin if it is too oily.



1. Nourish your skin

Chipped lips, dry skin and cracked skin are just a few noticeable consequences of the chilly winter. Unless you really understand your skin and fulfil its needs, your skin is likely to get bad to worse in extreme winter. So, the first tip topping this list is to learn ways to pamper your skin. If you have dry skin, a good moisturiser or a facial serum can really work wonders towards eliminating the excessive dryness and keeping your skin well moist throughout the day. You can also use moisturizing oil like almond oil, avocado oil, or jojoba oil instead of creams to keep your skin well nourished. If your skin is oily, then use oil-free moisturiser that replenishes necessary nutrients without burdening it with oil. Women with the ideal skin, that is, the combination skin, must use oil free moisturisers on the T-zone and oil based moisturiser on the cheeks. It is also ideal to nourish your skin with Vitamin E, in form of cream or capsules, as it is a potent source of anti-oxidants which helps in removing the dead skin. Hence, daily application of a dependable source of Vitamin E easily removes blemishes, acne spots and triggers the regeneration of new and healthy skin.




Nevertheless the chill, winter can be the most coveted seasons of all for most women if they follow the above mentioned make-up tips religiously! So, learn these tips by heart and follow them to flaunt your beauty!


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