Top 10 Workout Mistakes Women Do



Have you been spending hours in the gym but not getting the desired results? You might consider yourself a fitness freak but there are chances that you are making certain workout mistakes everyday that must be avoided if you want to get the most from your workout routine. In this article, we have tried mentioning the top 10 fitness faux pas committed by women.

10. Taking fitness shortcuts

Last but not the least, women who take fitness shortcuts end up gaining more weight and wasting their time and money. For instance, many women go to the gym and start walking on the treadmill without even warming up or stretching. In some cases, they jump to higher level of exercises thinking it will give them quicker results. Never make the mistake of taking fitness shortcuts. It is best to listen to your trainer and take one step at a time to avoid injuries.  Push yourself a bit harder and you will surely lose those extra kilos in no time.

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9. No nutrition, only workouts

 Always remember that nutrition and fitness go hand in hand. You cannot get a toned stomach and curves if you are spending hours in the gym but not eating right. Women make the mistake of ignoring the importance of nutrition and end up skipping meals to become lean. Your body will need vitamins and calcium to stimulate bone growth and give you the energy for workouts. Approximately 1500mg of dietary calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D is essential for women who exercise on a regular basis. Make sure your intake of protein is sufficient or else you will feel hungry and end up eating more than usual.

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8. Not taking professional help

Avoiding professional fitness training is another grave workout mistake women make. If you want to get the curves, lose weight and look fit and healthy, don’t hesitate in joining a gym or taking help from a professional fitness trainer. A fitness DVD is not enough if you are looking for something more than regular fitness. Don’t make the mistake of trying new exercises just after reading about it in a fashion magazine. You need to know what exercises suit your body type and what diet you need to follow with the workout routine. Many gyms have personal trainers that can help you stay focused, monitor your diet, exercises and get you the desired results.

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7. Lack of patience

Majority of women expect quick results within weeks of joining the gym. You need to have the required patience to see the end result. If you expect too much too quickly you will not remain motivated to continue the workout routine. Don’t lack the confidence and take your fitness routine to another level, mix exercises, try new workouts suggested by your trainer and keep working towards the goal. We would advise you to not put too much emphasis on the scale. Don’t stand in front of the mirror everyday looking for some change. Results will show eventually so, stay focused.

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6. Not changing the workout pattern

If you have been continuing the same exercises for months, you are making a huge workout mistake. It is vital to keep changing your workout pattern as mixing up exercises will help ensure that all your muscles are in shape. Challenge your body and don’t let it get used to just one form of workout. So, if you are only walking on the treadmill every day, cut down the walking and add some aerobics or yoga exercises to the fitness routine so that you not only burn fat but also get overall fitness benefits.

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5. Overdoing crunches to get a flat stomach

Doing dozen crunches at a time to get a toned stomach is a major fitness faux pas committed by women. There is no doubt that some abs work is required for a flat stomach but overdoing crunches won’t get your the desired result. Some women make the mistake of doing crunches at home on a daily basis but fail to lose that extra fat. Instead, they develop strong back pain as this exercise can put unhealthy strain at the weakest point on your back. Many women already have ab muscles and they just need to reduce calorie intake and do cardio exercises to keep in shape.

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4. Spot fat reduction

You need to know that spot fat reduction is a myth and if you are going to the gym for the same, you are making a huge workout mistake. Doing exercises will only reduce overall body fat and not help you burn fat from a particular spot such as stomach and thighs. Specific muscles can be targeted but you can never target specific fat in your body. It is important to know that when you are working out, your body will need calories that it will first take from muscle creatinine, then glycogen and then fat from the body. So, don’t waste your time on spot fat reduction.

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3. Exercising on an empty stomach

Another huge mistake committed by women in order to stay fit is to exercise on an empty stomach. This is a popular misconception that you should not consume food or even water when working out at the gym. Your workout session will be wasted if you are training without any source of energy. Never go to the gym without having some healthy snack including almonds, a low calorie energy bar or a piece of fruit. It is advisable to eat something an hour before you head to the gym. Keep your body hydrated and don’t forget to carry a bottle of water.

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2. No strength training

Resistance to strength training exercises is the second most popular fitness mistake made by women. They have the fear of bulking up and looking like a body builder due to strength training; however, this is not true. Compared to men, women don’t bulk up easily with this training. Experts are of view that if you add some lean muscle to your body you will be burning calories throughout the day and not just during your workouts. This training will help you get the curves so, don’t hesitate if your trainer makes you do strength training exercises.

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1. Overdoing cardio exercises

This is the top-most workout mistake that women do in order to get themselves in shape. Fitness experts don’t recommend too much cardio exercises as it triggers the release of a stress hormone named Cortisol that results in increase of visceral fat around major organs. Running on a treadmill everyday at one moderate pace won’t get you the desired results. You need to cut down on cardio and add some exercises that will involve high-intensity moves. In case you are swimming, running or riding a bike every day, the key is to slow down after a minute or two before you go full-throttle again. Limit your cardio exercises to two to three times in a week.

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Try not to make these workout mistakes the next time you start exercising at home or at the gym. Just stay focused, eat right and you will surely stay fit and healthy all your life.


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