Top ten facts about fashion contact lens


Cool fashion lenses are a statement these days. Fashionistas prefer to deck up with colored lenses when they are up to a party. It happens that you had a bad hair day, but you can add spice to your look by prepping up with different colored lens. In fact, it is the smartest and easiest way to jazz up when you in a hurry. Moreover, you have seen that even Bollywood divas of tinsel town show likeliness to these fashion lenses to make their eyes look appealing. Well then now it is your chance to turn on heads so that you look charismatic just like them. But before that, you need to know the top ten facts about fashion lens.

10. Colored lens similar to a prescription contact lens

A colored lens is just like the normal lens that is disposable but has tinted colors. Basically, as a wearer, you won’t find any difference compared to the normal prescription lens. But the smart fact is that you would be easier for you to handle colored lens like the regular lens.

9. The range of vision power :


Fashion contact lenses do not have anything like power restriction. Actually, it has wide ranges of power varying from -8 to +6. Even you can get the lens for zero power. But prior to choosing anyone, you should visit the ophthalmologist as they can give you an informed suggestion on the power.

8. Consult with eye doctor:

Sometimes fashion drives you so crazily that you are in no mood to consult with eye doctors. But never does that because whenever you decide to put on the fashion lens just see the doctor because the lens which is colored to some extent impairs your eyes. Make sure you don’t have any fashion lens from anywhere. If you wish to have one just take advice from the eye doctor. Know about the pros and cons before having it.

7. No sharing of a colored lens:

Youngsters are often in the habit of exchanging their things. Similarly, an idea of sharing your lens might click you. But please never do that because sharing your fashion lens with someone else might cause unbearable infection in your eyes.

6.  Colored lens for particular eye condition:

There are many of you who have imperfect eye curvature, often fear to have fashion lenses. Well, people with such particular eye imperfection called astigmatism can also wear colored lens. But the lenses for them are a bit expensive.

5. Soft lens don’t fall

You all have heard about the soft colored lens, the best thing about them is that it snugly fixes on your eye. So there is hardly any chance of it bursting out of your eyes. Therefore if you are an athletic wearing soft colored lens you can actually have a good run without the apprehension of losing your lenses.

4. No eye infection:

It is again a myth among many that colored contact lens can cause infection in the eye. But honestly, it won’t if you care for it seriously. But for that make sure that you clean them regularly and dispose of them when not in use. For many who are familiar with reusable lenses, need to maintain the hygiene level, and for that, you should follow the directions printed on the box.

3. Try only from reputed brands:

If you are a bit concerned about your health, then you should not end up buying any cheap one from the market. Instead, you should count on reputed brands like the Acuvue clear, Freshlook, Bausch and Lomb. The best thing about these brands is that they do prepare the lenses from top notch material which are similar to the ones used for noncolored lenses.

2. Hassle free to use:

There are many of you who have made the lens a part of their daily life. In fact, they are comfortable in using the lens rather than specs. But when they are asked to use the colored lens they get uneasy primarily because the colored lenses are bit thicker compared to the regular ones. But once you start to use its hassle-free because the thickness of the colored lens allowed inserting and discarding it easily.

1.    Colored lens reduces eye health issues:

There are people with major eye issues. In fact, it is due to the eye problem they cannot bear the light falling on the eye. Well to reduce that problem, reputed brands put a black dot in the central portion of the lens which prevents the light from directly invading the eye. Indeed it makes the patient feel at ease.

Thus, these are important top ten facts about fashion lens.

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