Top ten fashion themes for high school


School days unarguably become the best phase of one’s life. And one’s ecstasy increases exponentially as soon as you step into teens. This is because you are literally exposed to broader spectrums of life. Like all other things that you fancy one thing that conquers the first in your list is none other than the fashion ideas. You simply run after the most demanding apparels, accessories, shoes which actually set the stage as a trendsetter. Fashion itself is exquisite and the manifestation of themes by professional designers gives a special touch to it. Honestly, when a fashion show is designed based on themes it gives a collection of aesthetic work which is set on a specific concept, mood. More precisely it puts forward the vivid view of the designer. In this regard, we will jot down few points which will help readers get enlightened on top ten fashion themes for high school.

  1. Fashion show with a literary touch:

As it is a high school fashion show theme, then it is better to start off a fashion show theme based on literature. You can actually pick any best-selling novel and paint the characters with your brush. But make sure that you do justice with the characters by keeping it the same and meaningful as penned by the author. As you choose any literary work just is sure to work on the attires so that you look similar as the characters did to bring relevance.

2.Classic Jackie Kennedy theme

It is time to recreate the look of 1960’s impeccable beauty Jackie Kennedy. Just pick her signature appeal by donning your hair into an ear-length bob with a bouffant. Coming to the apparel you need to pick a style which should be a mix match of colorful coats with pencil skirts. To add an extra statement you can pick some leather gloves as well followed by a pillbox styled hats.

3. Handloom sarees

Saree is the traditional Indian outfit which bears a strong ethnicity. Picking a fashion theme based on Indian ethnic wear like handloom saree will be a splendid idea as you get enough rooms to experiment on different types of woven sarees like the Cotton silk, khadi, and cotton. Indeed it adds distinctiveness to the identity of a woman in a true sense.

4.Casual shredded jeans

When the theme is high school fashion then you have to step out of the way to understand that introducing cool themes will actually make the theme successful and eye-catching. Keeping that in mind, school buddies can go for shredded jeans and a white shirt as their personal favourite. Picking any jeans color from blue to black will just do wonder along with impeccable white shirts.

5. Handmade jewellery show:

For those who want to organize the fashion show at school can bank on handmade pieces of jewellery as one of their themes. Well, this kind of pieces of jewellery can be customised and you can add any shape or design as you need to blend it with the outfit. Coming to the outfit you can either choose to be completely western or ethnic. In fact, fusion wears also go well with this kind of pieces of jewellery.  Besides that superior quality materials are used so that it proves to be skin friendly.

6.   Retro handbag

It is a real daunting task to select the fashion show theme, but you can awestruck eyes with retro handbags theme. You can explicitly add any vintage collection from Micheal Kors Selma bag to Chanel boy bag. The young talents walking the ramp with a charisma really set the stage on fire.

7.  Christmas theme:

When you think of winter it is obviously the Christmas that takes the first seat. Therefore constructing a theme with a Christmas tree in the centre of the ramp based will make it look stupendous and commendable. For that make sure to add rich textured outfits with scarves and Santa hats.

8.  Blue summer:

Summer means blue and it desperately defines that you need something cool to add on. Therefore making summer as your fashion show theme will add a serene touch. Models selected for school ramp can be donned up in varied shades of the blue outfit. To keep up the summer serenity add turquoise accessories as an additional touch.

9. Romantic spring:

When you love to rest for a while then it is about spring to knock the door. Well to create a spring theme based fashion show you need to keep the overall backdrop calm and tranquillising. Definitely add some warm tones to make it look special. You can go for a red colored outfit with earthy tones like brown, taupes or green.

10. Rustic fall:

Selecting a fall as a fashion show theme for high school is seriously nerve-wracking, but to do with convenience add some colossal vases on either side of the stage. Just add branches with no leaves and make it look droopy for a virtual fall appearance. Coming to the apparels, rich colored brocade or velvet will just share the best camaraderie with the decor.

Thus the above bulleted are the top ten fashion themes for high school.

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